Writers chasing or hunting fiction trends? Write novels with AI? with Anjanette Barr, Literary Agent

Writers chasing or hunting fiction trends? Write novels with AI? with Anjanette Barr, Literary Agent

Jun 12, 2023 | Latest, Shows


Wondering how to make your book timely and relevant in a crowded market? Our resident agent @BookBarrista advises on how to stay on top of upcoming trends to give your book a competitive edge. Plus, unique tips on incorporating mythology into your story!

Looking for more support in your writing journey? check out our AI tools on the Legend Fiction website to help with character development, plot ideas, and even marketing. Anjanette emphasizes the importance of using AI tools as an assistant to prompt creativity and suggest rewriting, not to create content and deceive readers. AI tools and tech does not mean the end of creativity. Writers can refine their craft and make a meaningful contribution to the world through their art.

Top Quote: “My number one piece of advice is don’t write to the trends.”

Anjanette’s LegendHaven talk:

00:00: Intro: Anjanette introduces herself and talks about the glacier in her backyard
00:37: Introduction to the Legend Fiction Show and the topics of faith, fun, and fiction
01:09: Anjanette’s role as a literary agent and the importance of following trends
02:12: The tools and tricks used to predict market trends
03:19: The growth of the fantasy genre and the unpredictability of trends
04:19: The dangers of writing to the trends and the importance of writing for oneself
05:52: The importance of not giving up on a piece of writing and setting it aside for a while
06:20: The challenges of self-publishing and the importance of being connected to the audience
07:23: The definition of saturation in the publishing industry
08:24: The importance of recognizing the needs of the audience and the industry
10:22: The importance of making a standout book in a saturated market
12:18: The importance of resubmitting and being resilient as an author
13:19: Watching trends in film, TV, and streaming to predict market trends
13:59: The potential for a resurgence of interest in Tolkien and the importance of timing in traditional publishing
14:57: The impact of streaming on the publishing industry and the importance of continuing to write and adapt to changes
18:35: The impact of streaming on book sales and the changing landscape of book-first adaptations
19:06: The importance of focusing on the creative process rather than hyper-focusing on trends
20:09: The options for serial publishing and the importance of avoiding scams and building a team
22:12: The recommendation to read fantasy and sci-fi written for the general market to stay abreast of trends in mythology and speculative fiction
26:42: The importance of making mythology relevant to modern audiences and the potential for retelling stories in new and innovative ways
27:56: The potential for obscure mythologies and the importance of tying them to present-day themes
28:58: The impact of AI and tools on writing and the potential for them to create derivative pieces and unintentional plagiarism
30:34: The importance of using AI tools as a stepping stone and being careful about copying large chunks of information
33:44: Anjanette’s experience using AI tools to generate writing prompts and the limitations of AI-generated writing
37:01: The potential for AI and other tools to assist with the writing process, but the importance of using them responsibly and not for deceptive or predatory purposes
38:31: The limitations of AI-generated narration and the importance of recognizing the human component in creativity
39:31: The potential negative ramifications of AI and other tools and the importance of mitigating them through responsible use
42:59: The importance of giving writers the chance to test and explore their ideas
43:29: Anjanette’s online presence as the Book Barista and her literary agency, Dunham Literary
44:02: An invitation to connect with Anjanette and reach out with questions or inquiries
44:32: A reminder to join the Legend Fiction Community and keep writing

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