Writing Guidelines for Contests, Community, & Your Copyright

Writing Guidelines for Contests, Community, & Your Copyright

Apr 18, 2022 | Export, Latest

LegendFiction is a community that values entertaining and challenging stories, but never preachy ones. Here are some of our rules for posting in our community, contest submissions, and publication. Contributors are expected to follow guidelines on copyrighted content, zero spam, no NSFW content, and few formatting errors. LegendFiction does not endorse or approve of all content contributed, and we have a zero-tolerance policy against trolls and toxic behavior. The community welcomes religious themes, but not evangelistic fiction or shaming language. Graphic content, hate speech, and glorification of self-harm are not acceptable.

LegendFiction believes that stories exist to entertain, to charm and challenge. While stories and authors can be on a mission to share a serious message, it should never be preachy.

  1. Posting in the community: Post stories the right space. For more adult content that’s 17+, use the Adult group.
  2. Contest submissions: Your entry should remain family friendly, since all finalists will be publicly linked.


  • No copyrighted content that isn’t yours (plagiarising)
  • Content is in English
  • Zero spam
  • No formatting errors (get used to Grammarly and Hemingway Editor)
  • No NSFW content at all. Mature themes welcome, subject to review. Check our graphic content below for details.


Publication in the LegendFiction blog or  journal is no cost to you. You keep your copyright, but you’re allowing us to use your content too.

Every story is reviewed before publication by a mentor.

This does not mean that we endorse or approve of all content contributed, or activity by our contributors on other websites. All opinions from our contributors are their own, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of LegendFiction, its mentors, or other contributors.

Contributors who display unkind or harmful activity in their interactions, or celebrated within their stories, will not be published.

We have a zero-tolerance policy against trolls, and a 2-strike policy for members on flagged or toxic behavior.


We are committed to protecting the work of our writers.

  • By uploading any story content, or graphics to the LegendFiction community, you (the user of this website) understands that you own all necessary copyrights to use this content.
  • If under 18, you have approval from parents or guardians. Your image choices must be Public Domain (but never downloaded from Google), CC {attribution required}, or free (e.g, from Unsplash/Pexels), or AI art that is not blatantly crossing copyright lines, such as identifiable figures or branding.
  • You own your story. LegendFiction is another place to share your work, create more exposure and opportunities for you to publish your story published
  • Posting on LegendFiction doesn’t mean you lose your ‘first rights’ (your original copyright) nor would it be viewed as a reprint by a publisher. You are posting it on your blog, and sharing the link with us. You can unpublish your story whenever you want.
  • If your story has been published in a LegendFiction anthology, it will not be removed.
  • Your work is automatically protected under Copyright Law as soon you put it into a fixed format, like writing it down.
  • If you believe your work has been copied improperly, you can submit a takedown request and we will immediately investigate to remove the infringing work.

Religious Themes

Overtly religious stories are welcome – but we are not here to write evangelistic fiction. We do not believe that our views, ideas, and personal witness are perfect. We understand that many who are not Christian may live the truth more faithfully than we do. Which is how we treat our characters.

Our faithful Catholic and Orthodox writers are deep believers in the Gospel message. But we don’t confuse the ‘call to holiness’ offered to all humanity with a self-referential, self-congratulating ego. Fictional characters in can of course be religious, and we welcome stories and conversations that discuss religious living and themes. We do not welcome content intended to shame or divide members, or groups within the world.

We are here to encourage writers of mature faith, who understand the need for nuance, and who wrestle with the realities of our modern world.

Graphic content

Graphic depictions of violence, sexuality, or strong language are not appropriate for contest submissions, or for sharing in our general community. Mature themes are welcome, but within a relatively family-friendly context. We get that not every story should be for all ages.

Shaming language, glorification of self-harm, or hate speech of any kind will be rejected. Please ask if you have questions.


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