About LegendFiction

You know the stories you heard about fiction authors, heroes, and writers? The lovers of Jedi, wizards, demigods, halfbloods, dragonborn, hobbits, superheroes, aliens… Well, they’re real.

If you ever feel like you don’t fit, like the world doesn’t make sense, then you might be a part of our world. You might have the calling of legend. So don’t give up. We might need you.

In a world of muddled morals, where children and readers hunger for a return to magic, we are a group of Christian nerds who love fiction, and want to create it – without being pushy or preachy.  We welcome high school students through adults.

for most legends, these communities are the norm:


These want the freedom to create, without a lifeline to a deeper, intentional faith and a developing faith tradition.


These want their writing to be safe and  approved, with ‘clear morals and Catholic values.’


These cultivate new classics, drawing from deep literary insights, for a smarter audience.


We’re the legends.

We are all about faith-inspired fiction. We renew popular themes and myths from modern culture. We dramatize how our faith is lived in the modern world.

And because dragons, Jedi, Hogwarts, superheroes, magic, and more…
are awesome

LegendFiction is creating faith-inspired fiction.

We’re focused on the modern reader, and the modern faith-inspired author, passionate about publishing and crafting compelling fiction.

We’re putting down our swords, and using our pens to fascinate. To create worlds. To bring people together. To enlighten, inspire, and share.

We’re not arguing, compelling, or building walls. We’re not being pushy or preachy.

We need to fascinate and thrill with hope and humanity, with dark stories and cautionary tales, with sacrifice and sin, and the full drama of the human condition.

God is not in competition with his creation. He reveals himself through  time, places, peoples, dreams, and cultures.

Faith-inspired authors weave re-wilded enchantment. We explore the wilds of truth, beauty, and goodness. And turn them into legends.

Sound like you? Join us.

Welcome letter from the Founder and Sorcerer Nerd Supreme

Hello there…

Do you struggle to make your Faith fit in your fiction? Or wondered if it’s wrong to be enjoying yourself so much? Or if you need to listen to them and keep it family-friendly… when you need to explore something darker?

Heck, I did. For decades.

We’ve heard a call to explore deep and challenging ideas. To go on inner adventures to find and fight dragons. But no one around us knows what to do, or how to guide us. Worse, some tell us that our interests are dangerous, and you need Dial-an-Exorcist.

  • I was tired of reading critiques by panicking celebrities who obviously haven’t read enough books, and don’t understand what fiction does.
  • Tired of online communities that circle the wagons against the modern world and its media.
  • Tired of defining ‘Catholic fiction’ by how many saints, clerics, and sacraments drip from the pages.

I wanted dragons.

Sound familiar?

LegendFiction is a community I built for myself in 2021. I was quite literally lonely, and wanted friends and fun to share the load. The weight of this ring, this creative glory, needs a fellowship.

Today, our community fills each other with confidence that you can write anything you want to, go anywhere you need, and tell any story you’re inspired to tell.

The faith-inspired author pays attention to that thin line between past and present. We drink deep of the ancient past of human heritage and  Christian insight, and wrestle with the new themes and cultures of our today.

We always circle a core idea; God is not in competition with his creation. In fact, he reveals himself through it.

Still reading? Then I can’t wait to meet you.

And the world needs saving, legend.

'How to Be a Catholic Author'

How to be a faith-inspired fiction author

Helping authors write exciting novels, connect faith with fiction – and be a better Catholic!

by Dominic de Souza, founder 


We have come from God

And inevitably the myths woven by us, though they contain error, will also reflect a splintered fragment of the true light, the eternal truth that is with God.”

J.R.R. Tolkien