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Enjoy new, creative, and faith-inspired stories by brand new authors!


All stories are reviewed and edited so that you get quality writing.


Visit authors’ websites and leave them tips to encourage them to keep writing!

We help Catholic and Orthodox authors create stories readers love, and curate them so that you enjoy amazing worlds of fiction.

Narnia, Pandora, Middle Earth, Redwall, Westeros, Avalon, Hogwarts… we’re inspired by all these and more. As readers and writers, we love worlds of storytelling. Let’s discover them.

Why LegendFiction?

Everyone loves great stories! But there’s a problem today. Many readers struggle to find good stories that really inspire. That really make us hunger for more. Stories that make us better, push us to dream bigger, and see reality with new eyes. 

We love to read! We love to pass our favorites on to our friends. But we don’t want to ‘mercy share,’ meaning sharing because we feel we should. 

Our Catholic and Orthodox faith inspires deep, heroic, imaginative, and frontier-building creativity.  But most people feel that our faith crushes our creativity. We disagree.

We believe that a faith well lived pushes us to write more dramatic stories. More meaningful fiction. More exciting and thrilling ideas. 

We believe that authors must be good writers first and always. Our fiction is faith-inspired, never preachy. 

We believe that anyone, from any religious or non-spiritual background can pick up our stories, enjoy them, and be inspired to pass them on.

That’s why we’re excited about LegendFiction with you.  We can’t find anywhere else online that works hard to create an inspiring, free, and open home for readers and writers to meet.

So in 2022, LegendFiction founder Dominic de Souza invested $10,000+ to build this new home for Catholic and Orthodox readers and writers. We believe much more unites than divides us. 

And your support helps this vision grow. 

It’s also a place where readers can discover and support their favorite authors. Leave uplifting feedback. Send a tip to encourage them to keep writing.

Today we read and write fiction. 

Tomorrow, we become legends.

Join us.

Our authors are modern Catholics and Orthodox. Writing a good story is critical!

Stories are written for specific audiences, so check the tags on each story.

Sort by your interests! As we grow, we will continue to be more helpful.

LegendFiction is a SmartCatholics project

SmartCatholics supports Pope Francis, and helps Catholics create resources to renew our hope. We’re free of trolls, ads, and toxicity.

In essentials, we stand with Pope Francis and the Magisterium, in a spirit of unity. In opinions, we welcome the widest latitude. In all, we live in kindness and hope.

Every member agrees to:

1. Commit to respect and kindness: I understand that respect and kindness build trust. Trust is needed so that everyone can thrive and discover their personal best.

2. Protect my community: I will build the community I want to be a part of, one conversation at a time. I will champion the needs of others, while striving to keep my activities welcoming to everyone.

3. Be my own last line of defense: I will help SmartCatholics/CatholicAuthor keep me safe. I will be responsible with my activities, personal information, and conduct.

Read the full Code of Conduct.

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