About LegendFiction

You know the stories you heard about fiction authors, heroes, and writers?

The lovers of Jedi, wizards, demigods, halfbloods, dragonborn, hobbits, superheroes, aliens… Well, they’re real. If you ever feel like you don’t fit, like the world doesn’t make sense, then you might be a part of our world.

You might have the calling of legend. So don’t give up. We might need you.

In a world of muddled morals, where children and readers hunger for a return to magic, we are a group of Christian nerds who love fiction, and want to create it – without being pushy or preachy.  We welcome high school students through adults.

In the wilds, most faith and fiction clans fit into one of these:


These want the freedom to create, without a lifeline to a deeper, intentional faith and a developing faith tradition.

We want the lifeline – to not get lost.


These want their writing to be safe and  approved, with ‘clear morals and Christian values.’

We want more fun than that.


These cultivate new classics, drawing from deep literary insights, for a smarter audience.

We here for the cookies.

Legends who find us want more.

World of LegendFiction

We’re the Legends.

We are all about faith-inspired fiction. We renew popular themes and myths from modern culture. We dramatize how our faith is lived in the modern world.

And because dragons, Jedi, Hogwarts, superheroes, magic, and more…
are awesome

We geek about faith &  fandom


We’re passionate, welcoming, and curious. Our faith matters.


Imagination rulez. Epic fantasy,  historical, scifi, cosy, and more!


Make new friends because every member loves writing.

Share stories

Share your WIPS, upvote, and watch friends get stoked with you!

So easy, to tap in and chat

Social network

Post questions and ideas without getting lost.


Add all your links, upload a custom avatar!

Simple to start

Join your groups, post your story, uplift others.


Brainstorm privately, or start a group chat.

Become a better writer

Weekly meetups

Check in and chat and meet people!

Daily sessions

Join daily writing groups for fun and accountability.


Hop into  occasional workshops from pros.

Bonus Resources

Follow our blog, YouTube,  and podcast for updates.

Time to feel at home

You Belong

Bring your faith and your nerd flag!

Positive feedback

It’s our cardinal rule. No negative critiques.

Bigger purpose

Let’s create faith-inspired fiction – the fun way.

Start habits

Building habits is easier with friends.

LegendFiction is creating faith-inspired fiction.

We’re focused on the modern reader, and the modern faith-inspired author, passionate about publishing and crafting compelling fiction.

  • We’re putting down our swords, and using our pens to fascinate. To create worlds. To bring people together. To enlighten, inspire, and share.
  • We’re not arguing, compelling, or building walls. We’re not being pushy or preachy.
  • We need to fascinate and thrill with hope and humanity, with dark stories and cautionary tales, with sacrifice and sin, and the full drama of the human condition.

God is not in competition with his creation.

He reveals himself through  time, places, peoples, dreams, and cultures.

Faith-inspired authors weave re-wilded enchantment. We explore the wilds of truth, beauty, and goodness. And turn them into legends.

Sound like you? Join us.

'How to Be a Catholic Author'

How to be a Faith-inspired Fiction Author

Helping authors write exciting novels, connect faith with fiction – and be a better Catholic!

by Dominic de Souza, founder

Commonly Asked Questions

What is LegendFiction?

The epic, writing community for Christian nerds who love faith and fiction.

What kind of author is this for?

We are a community of Catholic and Orthodox author who love their faith, but want to tell really compelling fiction. That's why we say 'faith-inspired'. 

Is LegendFiction free?

Yes, we have a free tier that allows members to get in for free. Our free tier lets you network with members, send private messages, start group chats, rsvp to public events, and join in on public contests. Plus more. Join today and check it out!

How much is the LegendFiction paid plan?

You can level up to legend-status for $5 per month, or $30 per year. This gives you 4x more groups, such as our Stories space, and the Member Market.

Does LegendFiction work on my device?

Yes, we work in the browser, iOs , and Android.

Our community is built on Mighty, a software platform. You can login through a browser, or download the Mighty app and search for LegendFiction from the available communities.

Does LegendFiction have safety features?

Yes, we all work to take care of each other. We have a carefully crafted code of conduct (3 rules!), and high-school students under 18 must provide a guardian's email for contact reasons. See our privacy terms and conditions.

Dominic de Souza | LegendFiction Founder & Mentor

Welcome letter from the Founder and Sorcerer Nerd Supreme

Hello there…

Do you struggle to fit your Faith in your fiction? Do you wonder if you shouldn’t be having so much fun? Or are you pressured to follow their advice… when you want to explore your own passion?

Heck, I did. For decades.

You and I have a call to explore deep and challenging ideas. To go on inner adventures to find and fight dragons.

But no one around us knows what to do, or how to guide us. Worse, some tell us that our interests are dangerous, and they want to Dial-an-Exorcist on us.

I searched online for advice, but:

  • I was tired of reading celebrity critiques who obviously haven’t read enough books, and panic as a routine
  • I was tired of online communities that raised bastions against the world, instead of razing them
  • I was tired of defining ‘Catholic fiction’ by how many saints, clerics, and sacraments bubble from the pages.

Me? I wanted dragons. Dragons, Gandalf!

Sound familiar?

LegendFiction is a community I built for myself in 2021. I wanted friends and fun to share the load. The weight of this ring, this creative glory, needs a fellowship.

Today, our community fills each other with confidence that you can write anything you want to, go anywhere you need, and tell any story you’re inspired to tell.

The faith-inspired author pays attention to that thin line between past and present. We drink deep of the ancient past of human heritage and  Christian insight, and wrestle with the new themes and cultures of our today.

We always circle a core idea; God is not in competition with his creation. In fact, he reveals himself through it.

Still reading? Then I can’t wait to meet you.

And the world needs saving, legend.


We have come from God

And inevitably the myths woven by us, though they contain error, will also reflect a splintered fragment of the true light, the eternal truth that is with God.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

JPCatholic University

Storytelling is at the heart of our university’s mission to impact culture for Christ, and we look forward to supporting and encouraging Catholic authors!

Association of Catholic Publishers

The Association of Catholic Publishers is pleased to support LegendFiction as a means to creating a bigger, deeper, richer catalogue of books and stories that are infused with and informed by the Catholic imagination.

Paola Ciskanik, CatholicHomeschool.online

Finally aspiring Catholic teen writers have a place to demonstrate their beautiful gifts, dreams, and creativity that swells in their hearts. Hearts that are longing for sharing their God-given talents. It is certain that the world will be better for the gift of their stories.

Megan Fassero, Benedictine College

The LegendFiction community will be an incredible resource for Benedictine College students! What a great match: the support and encouragement of a community of faith-filled authors at LegendFiction awaits the involvement of our faithful, creative, literary-minded Ravens.

Chrism Press

With our friends at LegendFiction, we at Chrism Press firmly believe that stories can change the world!

LegendFiction and Generative AI

We understand that our members have differing views on Generative AI for text and images. Lack of clarity has escalated some decisions on fair use to the courts.

LegendFiction remains committed to three groundrules:

1) Our members have the right to discern AI use for themselves, assuming good will and ethical practice.

2) Human creativity will never be replaced by tools. When used responsibly,  tools can amplify and support the creative process.

3) LegendFiction will never accept or encourage story submissions generated by AI. The entire point of our community is to teach ourselves the discipline and craft of creativity, together.

LegendFiction generative art is forever ethical and carefully fair use. We share it copyright-free with all.