About LegendFiction

In a world of muddled morals, where children and readers hunger for an enchanted reality, every generation needs its own fiction to translate timeless truth into current themes and trends.

LegendFiction helps authors create popular fiction informed by our faith, not to be pushy or preachy, but to fascinate and subcreate. We are not evangelists. We are storytellers.

The 4 kinds of faith-inspired writers & groups

Each has a unique role and contribution:


Focus: unrestricted freedom to create. Uninterested in faith-inspired fiction. May run the risk of not offering deeper outlooks and intentional insights.


Focus: affirming outlooks within a tribe. Wants to know ‘Is my writing safe? Is it correct?’  We need  good content that affirms faith-based outlooks.


Focus: cultivate new classics. This content requires maturity and insights from reader. It’s not meant to be generally accessible.


Focus: renewing popular themes from modern culture. Faith-inspired fiction that fascinates, and dramatizes how our faith is lived in the modern world.


We’re the populati.

Because dragons are awesome.


We have come from God

And inevitably the myths woven by us, though they contain error, will also reflect a splintered fragment of the true light, the eternal truth that is with God.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

LegendFiction is creating new worlds without end.

We’re not about filling our shelves with more ‘Catholic’ or Orthodox fiction, for our own tribe.

Our craft is inspired by our creed, but it is craft first. We are grounded and pulled by our sacramental relationship with creation.

We’re focused on the modern reader, and the modern faith-inspired author, passionate about publishing and crafting compelling fiction.

We’re putting down our swords, and using our pens to fascinate. To create worlds. To bring people together. To enlighten, inspire, and share.

We’re not arguing, compelling, or building walls. We’re not being pushy or preachy.

We need to fascinate and thrill with hope and humanity, with dark stories and cautionary tales, with sacrifice and sin, and the full drama of the human condition.

We see our fiction as a frontier, digging deeper and pushing higher than other stories. Because we believe that God is not in competition with his creation. He reveals himself through  time, places, peoples, and cultures.

The role of a faith-inspired author is to be the weaver of re-wilded enchantment. Our time may feel like an age of greyed boredom and pointless pain.

We explore the wilds of truth, beauty, and goodness. And turn them into legends.

Sound like you? Join us.

How to be a faith-inspired fiction author

'How to Be a Catholic Author'

Helping authors write exciting novels, connect faith with fiction, and be a better Catholic!

Welcome letter from the Founder

Welcome to the most exciting journey in the world: being an author.

And on top of that, being a Catholic or Orthodox legend maker.

We are a fortunate few, filled with the creative call, passionate about folk and fields that no one else can see or hear.

But many of us live under a cloud of unease, unsure how to integrate our Faith with our fiction. Perhaps afraid to connect our witness with our worldbuilding. We have heard a call to explore a deep and challenging idea. To go on an inner adventure to find and fight dragons.

LegendFiction is the beginning of a new journey with Catholic and Orthodox fiction authors. We want to fill each other with confidence that you write almost anything you want to, go anywhere and tell any story you’re inspired to tell.

Our modern generations have different questions, different viewpoints, to the past. That’s why we should celebrate classical literature, but need more. A diet made up of the past blinds us to the present. A diet of only current ideas unroots us from ourselves.

The faith-inspired author sits on that thin line between past and present. We drink deep of the ancient past of Christian heritage and insight, and wrestle with the new themes and cultures of our current world.

We always circle a core idea; God is not in competition with his creation. In fact, he reveals himself through it. And since time exists within him, he acts across lives and aeons. We cultivate the longer vision, not the quick win.

Sound like you? That’s amazing. We can’t wait to meet you. Join us .

Dominic de Souza