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LegendFiction recommends Wyrdhoard as your self-publishing partner! Wyrdhoard is a team of freelancers with experience in editing, proofreading, marketing, and publishing. 

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How it works

You choose

Pick and choose your service and your favorite freelancer!

One or Team

Hire one at a time or get a team to help you from idea to ISBN.

Get it done!

Work one-on-one and make your self-publishing dream happen!

"The Wyrdhoard team can help you get published!

“This team of enthusiastic, insightful freelancers loves fiction, dragons, and helping authors launch their books! We’re excited to collaborate with them to help LegendFiction authors launch, grow, and excel.”

Dominic de Souza, Founder

Wyrdhoard Services


Developmental, substantive, or copy-editing services.


Typos, spelling or formatting, missing words, run-on sentences, and more.


Level up as an author with lessons in form, narrative, grammar, and more.

Beta Reading

Get valuable feedback on your finished manuscript from a reader with fresh eyes.

Marketing Consulting

Audit your existing marketing for advice, or get training to skill up your marketing.


Get publishing help, including book formats and design, and distributor options.


Expand your audience into English, Portuguese, Italian, and German, or more.

Social Media

Get consulting what and when to post and how to develop a strategy!

More services

Academic advising, research, fact-checking, indexing… Take your pick!

Even more!

If we can’t do it ourselves, we have a network of professionals we trust!

Meet Wyrdhoard

We are four wyrd women who love wyrds and the writers who wyld them!

We four authors and writers met while working for a newly founded university press, which we built together from scratch, developing the skills to take a book from a concept in the writer’s head to a published work in the reader’s hands.

When we left the press, we decided to use our combined knowledge to continue helping authors share their stories and their academic work with the public.

Wyrdhoard was hatched in 2023!

Sørina Higgins

Sørina Higgins is an editor, writer, English teacher, and scholar of British and Irish modernist literature. She has taught courses in literature, creative writing, and academic writing for over two decades.

Sørina and her Irish husband steward Avondale Homestead in upstate New York, where they wrangle a Border Collie pup, a brace of cats, and a chattering of chickens.

Kira Tregoning

Kira Tregoning is a fantasy trilogy author and independent scholar with a love of mythology, and has self-publishing several times. 

Outside of writing, Kira has worked in digital marketing for more than a decade and consults on social media, graphic design, and video filming with authors trying to do those things for themselves. 

Sarah Monnier

Sarah Monnier is a graduate student in English language and literature, with a background in academic writing as well as experience in poetry, business writing, and fiction.

Her specialties at Wyrdhoard include editing and distribution, particularly for those looking to self-publish. 

Giovanna Chinellato

Giovanna Chinellato is a professional translator and native of Brazil. She holds a PhD in Foreign Languages and Translation; an M.A. in Languages, Media, and Arts; a Specialization in Translation-English; and a Diploma in Speculative Literature.

Since her Master’s dissertation was about dragons and the environment, she likes to call herself a true dragon master.



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