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I loved everything! It was so much fun to come and hang out with fellow Catholic writers. The Expos were great and the people even better.

– Caroline K 

I liked being to hop in and out of different sessions, especially because, as a mom, I couldn’t be there for all of it (but can listen late to those I missed – right?). I really liked that you put out so many talks ahead of time! I think I listened to most, if not all, of them! I love feeling that I’m not alone as a Catholic writer in a very secular world!

– Eileen W

So impressed with the panels and the ease of use! Loved the discussion of mature content! And the fun of speed networking.

– Megan E

Honestly all of it was fantastic and you guys had a lot of really excellent speakers!! I even won a book 💖

 – Jessica

I loved how easy it was to just jump in, be inspired, chat, feel part of the community, and the option to not be on camera if we didn’t want to be. Everyone was very kind and speakers mature in their faith; all inspiring stuff.

– Mel


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I have essentially been tamping down my enjoyment of fiction writing for 15-ish years…. always felt like there was something “more important” I should be doing. This community is quickly showing me that is an utter lie.

– Melissa K

I loved all the varied expo booths and things that you could look in on. I also liked the feature where you can just watch the presentation, instead of having to be on the screen for everyone to see. That was very handy for me.

– Corrine O

Make it a two day event! There were things I was interested in attending and couldn’t because things were happening simultaneously. It seems like there is enough content that it could be spread out over two days.

– Sr. Allison G

Legend Fiction has certainly brought back the joy and fun of writing for me! I really liked the way the speed networking was set up. I made some good connections.

– Mary Rose K

Another amazing event! I love getting to connect with like minding writers from around the world.

I lost my love of writing during college when everyone kept telling me “what’s the morals of your story” I only found it (and the morals) when I just started writing for fun with no worries about anything else. 

– Amelia Leedom

I really liked the way the speed networking was set up. I made some good connections.

– Convention Attendee


I love the supportive, encouraging, and creative community fostered by Legend Haven.

– Mary

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the online convention for writers & readers of fantasy & sci-fi!

In 2022, LegendHaven landed amid fun and dragonfire. The excitement from our attendees blew us away. So we’re doing it again!

We’re taking a stand for faith-inspired fiction. to collab with epic partners, and create an amazing annual convention.

Our theme is ‘Worlds without End,’ so bring your faith, your fandom, and your fiction. Preferably in costume. And come prepared for fun!

Get excited to write your own stories

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2023 theme

Worlds without End

A writer is a world trapped in a person
– Victor Hugo

One of the lines from our holy liturgies is to praise God in saecula saeculorum, in worlds without end. At LegendHaven, we take that seriously. We thrive on the frontiers of imagination and enchantment to go where no one has gone before.

Every author is a Wood Between the Worlds, where each  pool is one of our novels or a story we tell. And each of these worlds explore what it means to be human, to be free, to love with a relentless love.

God dreams a dream, and all creation is born from the music of his dance. Now we dream our own dreams, dredging the depths of our own selves, hammering the mithril and gold and gems from our own inner Morias. We bring them up to the surface to share with others.

And then we return back to the depths, or through portals like Stargates or Wardrobes, or we warp between the stars and galaxies, and do it all over again.

Why? Because it is the glory of God to conceal things, and the glory of humanity to reveal them. In every age, we writers seek out to heal and harmonize, to enchant and enthrall, to spellbind and subcreate.

Welcome to the frontier, my faith-inspired friends. Welcome to worlds without end.

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Dominic Vera


Katy Campbell

Katelin Cummins

Katelin Cummins

Amelia Leedom

Amelia Leedom

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The creative community for Catholic & Orthodox fiction authors who love fantasy and scifi, & more. Give and get feedback, join online workshops, and double your writing output – because it’s fun!

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