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the online convention for writers & readers of fantasy & sci-fi!

In 2022, LegendHaven landed amid fun and dragonfire. The excitement from our attendees blew us away. So we’re doing it again!

We’re taking a stand for faith-inspired fiction. to collab with epic partners, and create an amazing annual convention.

Our theme is ‘Worlds without End,’ so bring your faith, your fandom, and your fiction. Preferably in costume. And come prepared for fun!

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2023 theme

Worlds without End

A writer is a world trapped in a person
– Victor Hugo

One of the lines from our holy liturgies is to praise God in saecula saeculorum, in worlds without end. At LegendHaven, we take that seriously. We thrive on the frontiers of imagination and enchantment to go where no one has gone before.

Every author is a Wood Between the Worlds, where each  pool is one of our novels or a story we tell. And each of these worlds explore what it means to be human, to be free, to love with a relentless love.

God dreams a dream, and all creation is born from the music of his dance. Now we dream our own dreams, dredging the depths of our own selves, hammering the mithril and gold and gems from our own inner Morias. We bring them up to the surface to share with others.

And then we return back to the depths, or through portals like Stargates or Wardrobes, or we warp between the stars and galaxies, and do it all over again.

Why? Because it is the glory of God to conceal things, and the glory of humanity to reveal them. In every age, we writers seek out to heal and harmonize, to enchant and enthrall, to spellbind and subcreate.

Welcome to the frontier, my faith-inspired friends. Welcome to worlds without end.

Why People loved
LegendHaven 2022

I was inspired to join LegendFiction as well as give my writing career another go.  

– Kathryn Z.

The talks were educational and inspiring, and the schedule was very well laid out. Thank you for bringing this great opportunity to us!

Kathleen S.

I had an excellent time at the con. I made many connections. I have, like, ten new followers that I’m also following on my social medias, and I think this was amazing. I really appreciate that you put on this con. 

Jason M.

I LOVED the overarching concept and idea of the conference. One thing that was really awesome was connecting with other Catholic authors. I came away with the Instagram handles of half a dozen people from the hashtag. Win! Having the talks pre-recorded and having the presenters interact with us in the chat was also really awesome.

– Convention Attendee

Legend Haven 2022 surpassed my expectations. The presentations were great across the board, and the camaraderie was a joy. My overall impression was one of “home coming.” One day, I clicked a mouse, and found myself surrounded by a large group of joyful, passionate, dedicated creatives all engaged in the same pursuits that drive me. It was like a long lost hobbit wandering into the Shire for the first time. I felt totally welcome. I felt I had finally found my tribe.

– Convention Attendee

The event was amazing. It was great to meet up with tons of creative minds working on things they were passionate about. I loved how many resources there were on ways to get your book published and ways to understand the market. For someone who is just interested but has no idea, this was VERY helpful. Having Catholic publishers talking about what they are looking for and how to connect was AMAZING.

I especially loved the quick meet-ups where authors got to randomly do like “speed dating” other people from the con. The time limit was great because it got you to the point and didn’t put much pressure on how long you needed to chat with someone. 

Amelia L.

I really enjoyed the convention!  I feel like I’ve found “family” – fellow writers who truly aspire to write well and to serve God through this gift He gave us, & through the lens of our Catholic/Orthodox faith… I really enjoyed both the presentations and the chats. I also appreciate that all the sessions are now available to watch/rewatch. God bless you for starting LegendHaven – I’m super excited to be part of it! 

Eileen W.

I had a great deal of fun conversing with the authors and artists and talking about my own work. The ability to converse with like-minded Catholic authors was fun and relaxing as well. I would love to do it again! 


LegendHaven was what it was promised to be – an avenue for lovers of writing to support and celebrate fellow writers. I made many meaningful connections during the convention. The wisdom shared by published authors and literary professionals was insightful. I’m looking forward to LegendHaven2023! 

Emily H.

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Katelin Cummins

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Amelia Leedom

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The creative community for Catholic & Orthodox fiction authors who love fantasy and scifi, & more. Give and get feedback, join online workshops, and double your writing output – because it’s fun!

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  1. Avatar

    I want to meet and make connections with other Legend Fiction authors and users, and learn how to bring all the stories I’ve written into the hands of readers. I also want to improve my writing and author marketing skills.

    • Dominic Vera

      Wonderful, thanks Mary! See you at the con :)

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