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Announcing: The LegendMakers Academy for Helping Authors become Legends

LegendMakers Academy

Join classes and workshops hosted by our mentors to level up your legend-ness, and become a better faith-inspired fiction author!

'How to Be a Catholic Author'

How to be a faith-inspired fiction author

Helping authors write exciting novels, connect faith with fiction, and be a better Catholic!

Association of Catholic Publishers

The Association of Catholic Publishers is pleased to support LegendFiction as a means to creating a bigger, deeper, richer catalogue of books and stories that are infused with and informed by the Catholic imagination.

JPCatholic University

Storytelling is at the heart of our university’s mission to impact culture for Christ, and we look forward to supporting and encouraging Catholic authors!

Monica McConkey, Arma Dei

What a fantastic venue and community for new authors to share their ideas and feedback, grow their writing portfolio and expand their reading audience!

I am so excited to venture into LegendFiction from time to time and discover delightful and intriguing new stories and engage with the authors.

Beatrix T.

Teens should join this group because it is an excellent place to meet fellow teen writers, share your work in a safe space, and receive helpful constructive criticism.

The monthly challenges encourage writers to branch out and explore many different genres, and the quarterly contests are a great way to begin sharing your writing with a larger audience. Since it is Catholic, no one has to worry about inappropriate stories, bullying, or being harshly criticized and put down.

In this group, you can grow your love for writing in a secure environment! It’s also great to meet people who you can create lasting friendships with and write with.

Chrism Press

With our friends at LegendFiction, we at Chrism Press firmly believe that stories can change the world!

Paola Ciskanik, CatholicHomeschool.online

Finally aspiring Catholic teen writers have a place to demonstrate their beautiful gifts, dreams, and creativity that swells in their hearts. Hearts that are longing for sharing their God-given talents. It is certain that the world will be better for the gift of their stories.

Max W.

The best reason to join is because it’s so easy to feel alone in your calling as a Catholic Author, or even as a teenager. The community here, we’ve all got each other’s backs! I’ve met a bunch of great friends already, and I’ve barely been on for a month! Every Catholic teen should know about this website!

Monta H

This group is amazing, inspirational, good and clean, I’m making amazing friends, and plus I’m learning lots! When I had first come across this, I couldn’t believe it actually existed-!

As a young writer, I would exchange stories with friends, and try my best to be a good writer. But when I came across this…I was shocked! Here I don’t only share stories, I receive feedback, encouragement, and am making amazing friends.

I’d encourage anyone and everyone to join! I feel like one of the things that makes this so priceless, is the fact that it’s a solid Catholic community! :)

Megan Fassero, Benedictine College

I imagine the LegendFiction community will be an incredible resource for Benedictine College students! What a great match: the support and encouragement of a community of faith-filled authors at LegendFiction awaits the involvement of our faithful, creative, literary-minded Ravens. This is the start of a beautiful relationship!

Pedro Gabriel, WherePeterIs

LegendFiction fills me with great joy. It’s fundamental that Catholics reclaim their centuries old tradition of excellence in the arts, particularly literature.

Now, Catholic writers will be able to bring their works to a wider audience, and Catholic readership will meet new, fresh talents. May God bless this initiative!

Ellie S.

This group is amazing! I have met so many friends already on here. I love that this is a safe space to share your creativity, and really connect with the people on the website, unlike most social media groups.

Gregory W.

An amazing place where Faith and Creativity meet. For any Catholic teen, and even non-Catholic teens, I would completely suggest this group as a source of positive feedback for stories, growing in the Faith as well as in our friendships.