Short Story Writing Boot Camp: Learn how to write and polish a complete short story in just four weeks

Short Story Writing Boot Camp: Learn how to write and polish a complete short story in just four weeks

Aug 17, 2023 | Academy

Do you want to write a short story but aren’t sure how to get started? Maybe you’ve tried it in the past but have struggled to keep your story short. How can you write something awesome when you are limited by word count? In our upcoming short story boot camp, you’ll learn exactly how! Legend Fiction mentors Amelia Leedom and Katy Campbell are teaming up this September to help you complete the short you’ve been itching to write. As an added bonus, this workshop will wrap up just ahead of our LegendHaven contest and is a great opportunity to develop a story for submission. Check out the course outline below and grab your spot today!

Course Outline

  • Week One: Picking Your Story

Goal: Pick a simple short-story idea and complete an outline.

      1. Identify your hero/goal/obstacle
      2. How to brainstorm
      3. How to pick your best idea
  • Week Two: Writing Draft One 

Goal: Complete the first draft of your story. 

      1. How to turn off your inner critic and get something on paper
  • Week Three: How to Rewrite

Goal: Complete a more polished draft of your story

      1. How to use feedback to improve
      2. The importance of cutting and simplifying
  • Week Four: Finalize 

Goal:  Have a complete short story finished in time for the contest deadline. 

    1. What to look for during your final editing pass
    2. How to get comfortable being imperfect
    3. How to get your work out there!



  1. Avatar

    I will not be able to do this class this time, will it be happening again?

    • Katy Campbell

      Hi Josiah,

      This is the only one scheduled right now, but if there is enough interest, we might do it again. If we get another couple of sessions going, we will announce it here on the blog.

      Thanks for asking! Hopefully, you can join us next time.

  2. Avatar

    I couldn’t find the place to receive the Legend discount.

    • Katy Campbell

      Hi Christine, thanks for letting me know. I fixed the problem on the backend. I also refunded you the excess you paid so you now have the discount.

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