Unleashing Epic Legends: Join Our Mission to Create an Unforgettable Writing Community with New Membership Tiers!

Unleashing Epic Legends: Join Our Mission to Create an Unforgettable Writing Community with New Membership Tiers!

Apr 15, 2023 | Announcements, Latest

LegendFiction continues to grow, and with it comes big ideas for new fun we can have together! We’re all about making writing stories and novels together feel ludicrously fun, and new members are stunned at all the amazing things we’re doing together.

It started as a hope and a dream by one lonely dork, who absolutely loves writing and creating fiction. But writing alone is hard. So I started a project to see who else had questions and problems like me. Turns out, there’s a whole lot of us!

And LegendFiction was born. Here are some of the things that I’ve done to help make this happen:

  • Create a community where we can give and get feedback, share works in progress, and hang out for fun
  • Launched several podcasts and shows to chat with published authors.
  • Started a printable magazine to feature contest entries (we’re bringing it back soon!)
  • Launched LegendHaven, an online convention for faith-inspired fiction writers to geek out together

That was all in 2022.

Amplifying the Fun – LegendFiction’s New Features and Partnerships for an Epic Writing Community!

Now, in 2023, we’ve added new, amazing things;

  • LegendMakers Academy where our mentors can offer online workshops – with massive discounts for LegendFiction members
  • The Wheel of Legends – a Hogwarts-style quiz to sort us into houses, so that we can learn more about ourselves and make friends faster
  • Free Weekly Wallpapers: every week, we drop new wallpaper packs to epic up your screens and stories
  • Instagram art prompts to inspire your stories – several times a week
  • New partnerships with podcasts to join our blog (coming soon!)
  • Festivals for Writers – (coming soon!)
  • New Wheel of Legends merch (coming soon!)

Check out these amazing things some of our members have said:

“Since joining LegendFictionI have started taking my writing more seriously… I make it a point to write to write a couple times a day, and I participate in two writing groups that hold me accountable. I have gotten so much more writing in these last months than I have in years!” – Chris

That’s amazing. Or this:

“I came into this workshop filled with self-doubts about my novel. But Katelin’s guidance, encouraging feedback, and astute questions helped dispel my doubts and left me feeling greater confidence in the story I wanted to tell. I would recommend Katelin’s workshops to writers at any level.” – Thomas Salerno

Seeing our members enjoy themselves every single day is worth the price of admission. :) Heck, most people can start a 30 day free trial to check us out!

Join Our Mission to Create Legendary Stories – Help Us Build the Future of Faith-Inspired Legends with New Membership Options!

We may look mighty (kinda the point), like a league of legendary epicness (definitely the point!), but we’re actually very small.

Technically, a team of 1. All of this happens because yours truly, the founder of LegendFiction, believes there are hundreds and thousands of young legends out there in the world with big dreams of writing their stories.

LegendFiction is more than a community. It’s a mission to help us keep writing, and deepen our spiritual journeys by getting better at our craft.

I’d really love to start adding new things to our community, to help us reach more people, and enjoy our writing experiences:

  • Create LOFI videos from all the amazing art being generated, and share them on YouTube to help people get in the zone for writing
  • Create an app to remind writers to check in with their writing, and help build writing habits, and perhaps play a kind of Pokemon for writers?
  • Do more with our upcoming convention to make them better
  • Create a podcast for story readalouds so that children, families, or fans can hear and enjoy the stories our community creates
  • Create a system and resources for local writing groups, to empower people to get creative in-person
  • Create a suite of publishing or marketing services to help authors launch and grow their brands easily
  • Grow our reach on social media, so that we can feature authors and help them grow their fanbases
  • And more ideas!

All of this takes money. Fees for licences, time spent developing, maintaining, supporting. So far, I’ve invested at least $25,000 worth of my time into building this community, all because I love it and believe in it.

And I don’t plan to stop.

But I can’t do it alone. You can help.

As of today, I’ve set up additional membership options for new members to consider, with a higher monthly tier, and an annual one. Each one comes with a 30 day free trial.

You can change your own membership anytime, if you decide to change your membership level.

Or you can reach out to me and we can discuss a special membership level.

Leveling Up Your Writing Journey – LegendFiction’s New Membership Tiers and Benefits for Epic Storytellers – or Sponsors

What do you get for a higher membership level?

Here’s what I’m doing: I’m building a brand new Legend Wall on this website.

Member Legend

  • At $5 per month, you become a LegendFiction member. You’re not just gaining access to premium resources, but also supporting our mission to empower and inspire writers to create legendary stories that make a positive impact on the world.

Epic Legend Tier

  • At $25 per month, you join the Epic Legend tier. This gets your photo, name, and a link to your website on the page where everyone can see that you’re helping me create more freedom for our legends.

Honor Legend Tier

  • At $50 per month, you get everything from Epic Legend tier, plus a shoutout on social media just to promote you or your brand. Plus, we’ll thank you in one of our podcast or YouTube episodes with a short promo shoutout!

Thanks to your support, I can better afford all the tech and tools that go into creating our community. Hosting fees, licenses, subscriptions, etc.

We plan to keep the current membership fees intentionally low at $5 a month. It should be easy for everyone to get in and get creating.

But if you want to do more, and have an immediate impact on everything we’re building, then consider upgrading your membership.

Or you can connect us with a sponsor who might like to join the fun and be a part of making the future of faith-inspired legends.

Join us in our quest to elevate the art of storytelling and be a driving force behind the growth of LegendFiction.

As a higher donor, you’ll receive exclusive benefits and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of faith-inspired legends. Together, we can make a legendary impact and transform the world with powerful stories.

Start your membership with our community today

Current members: DM Dominic today to ask about changing your membership plan.

Don’t want to do anything? Perfectly fine! No one is obligated.

A massive thank you, and let’s continue building this amazing community.

Keep writing!


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