Catholic author services

Helping authors launch, look amazing, and start a saga.

Now that the book is done, it’s time to grow your brand! CatholicAuthor is supported by professional Catholic marketers, with over a decade in in design and branding. Here’s how we help:

'How to Be a Catholic Author' Free Ebook A Mental Reboot for the Modern Fiction Writer - by Dominic de Souza |

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Author Mini Site

Build a Creator page – like a mini website. (Perfect if you have no website, or it’s too hard to edit.)

You can add a video, cover art, social links, and description. Create mini pages for your books! Plus, it’s a little easier to get found on Google searches…

Note: Only for paying members of the CatholicAuthor community. Every posting requires approval.

'How to Be a Catholic Author' Free Ebook A Mental Reboot for the Modern Fiction Writer - by Dominic de Souza |

Author brand audit

Start my Saga

Includes: a 40 minute live video call, website review, and a strategy session.

Whether you write 1 novel, or have a series, meet with a professional, Catholic marketer to stand out from the noise, create recurring income, and create legions of fans! It’s your saga.

Publishers want to see that you have an audience, and know what to do with it. Together, we’ll review your website, and outline a strategy to help more people buy your books, stay engaged, and sign up.

Book Landing Page

saga services

Launch your book

Get a stunning, professionally designed book launch page on 

Embed your trailer, or your welcome message. Ask people to join your email list. Link to your group. Include a promo message. Post your reviews and ask for new ones!

book services

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Epic Book Launch

The promotion suite for authors to look amazing and launch your Catholic fiction book.

Services include: SagaFlight landing page, promotional copywriting, author media kit, social media promotion package, emailing list setup, author brand workshop.

Note: Book editing, cover design, or advertising are extra/additional services. Ask us about them! 

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