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Legendmakers overview

Talk creed, craft, and co-creation, rooted in grit, grace, gods, and dragons. We feature authors, novels, writing styles and origins! Hosted by Dominic, founder of LegendFiction, we’re about creating faith-inspired fiction. 

Guests on this show are welcome to enter the community free. 

Podcast Format & Questions

Here is how the podcast is formatted:

  • Fun, random pop quiz about being an author
  • Author Origins: when did you start writing fiction 
  • The Book: genesis, process, and launch
  • Dark Side: what obstacles did you face along the way
  • Odyssey Begins: what caused you to commit to writing
  • Fun, rapid-fire questions about being an author
  • Writing your book: How do you make it work for you?
  • Where can people find you online

Longer conversations may be split into two segments:

  • Author Strikes back: discuss successes and accomplishments
  • Fellowship of the Quill: how has writing changed you as a person
  • Your 1 minute message of encouragement to yourself as a young writer

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How it works

Join Dominic for a ~30 minute recording session that gets published on YouTube – perfect for sharing on your blog.

Afterward, Dominic will publish it on Spotify as a podcast, and share it on Facebook, Instagram, and to the email list.

You will also get copies of the promotional artwork so that you can update your friends, fans, and followers with your interview!

Tech checks

For a smooth interview: 

  • A quiet, well lit environment
  • Ensure a strong WIFI/internet signal, or plug into your router
  • Headphones are strongly recommended to avoid echo.
  • Almost any external microphone is better than the mic on your computer.

Recent interviews 

How to write fiction for radio (or audio shows) | A Merry Beggars Workshop | Peter Atkinson

How to write fiction for radio (or audio shows) | A Merry Beggars Workshop | Peter Atkinson

NEWS FLASH: The Merry Beggars are looking to work with, employ, collaborate, and pay writers across the USA. They have an ongoing content need for content! They need between 30-60 minutes of scripts every single week. Plus, they pay writers!

This short, intense workshop starts with the medium of audio and how it works. Then we go through different styles of audio drama that affect how you’re writing and what type of show it is. We go quickly into why writers should seriously consider audio. Then we’ll screenshare several real-life scripts created from stories.

By the end, fiction writers will understand the excitement of radio drama, how it’s different to writing short stories. And if you’re up for it, you can create and submit your ideas to the Merry Beggars!

Peter went to Columbia University for their graduate program in acting, starred off Broadway, founded a media company, sold it to Relevant Radio, and now heads up Relevant Radio’s entertainment division.



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