Starting a family storytime reformation – ‘Beakle and the Star Stone’ with Anthony D’Ambrosio

Starting a family storytime reformation – ‘Beakle and the Star Stone’ with Anthony D’Ambrosio

Anthony is a marketing specialist who loves Robin Hood, and sharing his work with a community. With a group of friends, he created and published an enchanting, 100-page fantasy story for children, to create a new kind of storytime – stories written for the whole family.

Anthony D’Ambrosio is a storyteller and marketing specialist who has spent the last five years studying how communities and movements come together around shared purpose. Through his company Sherwood Fellows, he has participated in relaunching the brands of over a hundred organizations. His team also built Catholic Creatives, the definitive community for Catholic entrepreneurs, artists, designers, and filmmakers. His interests span from philosophy to the mythology and rituals of tribal peoples. He ran an underground fight club in his seminary, and among his favorite things are simmering a pot of homemade Italian red sauce, keeping houseplants alive, and writing poetry. Sherwood Fellows | Catholic Creatives

In this playful retelling of the Parable of the Treasure in the Field, the Zumbob birds from Falafel Island have only one (fairly boring) rule: be the early bird that gets the most worms. But when a curious young bird named Beakle discovers a priceless treasure on the Chief’s field, he hides it and embarks on an adventure in order to buy the royal field. Along the way, he must learn a lesson about what true treasure really is. Get this book

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