Fiat Self-Publishing Academy is Live! Promoting courses and events for Catholic authors

Fiat Self-Publishing Academy is Live! Promoting courses and events for Catholic authors

Jan 17, 2023 | Announcements, Latest

Our friends over at Fiat Self-Publishing Academy have launched the Fiat Self-Publishing Academy. The Academy will teach authors how to self-publish good, true, and beautiful books through the lens of the Catholic faith.

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They already have a full calendar of events that you can explore, hosted by a wonderful constellation of marketers, Catholic creators, and professionals.  Look at some of the exciting instructors in this lineup! You can learn more about the Academy here.

Kate Franz from ‘Thy Olive Tree’ joined us at LegendHaven to talk about the launch of her Fiat Academy. You can watch our conversation here!

Here’s what Kate has to say about her Academy:

“Is there a story on your heart you’ve been wanting to share? A book you’ve written but never published? Maybe a book you’ve published but need help marketing?

“I invite you to say YES to the book God placed on your heart, and I’m excited to tell you about a brand-new project that can help you meet this goal.

Fiat Academy:

  • 📚It’s a place for Catholic authors and illustrators who want to specifically focus on self-publishing.
  • 📚It’s a place to actually learn the technical aspects of self-publishing while remaining faith-focused.
  • 📚It’s a place for those who have already published and desire continuing education & marketing tips.
  • 📚It’s for anyone desiring community + access to subject matter experts.

It’s for anyone desiring education, resources, community, and access to subject matter experts.

Join FIAT Academy (Affiliate link! Your membership supports LegendFiction)


Does any of the following sound like you?

  1. You are feeling called to write or illustrate a book but don’t know where to begin. Is there a market for this book? What is my unique angle?
  2. You have a solid idea for a book and maybe even a first draft, but are feeling stuck. What steps do I take next? How do I get feedback and beta readers?
  3. You are ready to finally turn your manuscript into a book. It’s time to dust it off and get things moving. Is my manuscript ready? What types of editing do I need?
  4. You are struggling to find the right editors, designers, and printers to complete your book. How do I make sure my vision is properly executed? How do I know I’m hiring the right people?
  5. You are ready to publish but not sure which platforms you should use. Do I print it myself? Should I try Amazon? Start my own website?
  6. You’ve already published but need marketing ideas and a plan to get more sales. How do I get more eyes on my book? Why can’t I beat the algorithm?

These links are affiliate links, meaning your payment will also support the LegendFiction team. We’re happy to promote the amazing work Kate is doing, and hope this brings you success in your writing journey!

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