Doxacon X: The 2023 Faith and Fandom (In-Person) Con on Nov 3-4

Doxacon X: The 2023 Faith and Fandom (In-Person) Con on Nov 3-4

Jul 28, 2023 | Announcements, Articles

Only a few weeks after the LegendHaven 2023 online convention, Doxaconn X kicks off in-person at Marymount University! LegendFiction is proud to partner with this amazing team of people.

Check out the special invite from our Doxacon friends:

Doxacon, the Faith and Fandom Convention, celebrates its 10th anniversary at DOXACON X! 

Meeting November 3-4 at Marymount University, this year’s Doxacon places a special emphasis on Orthodox and Catholic fiction writers:

  • Clergy Keynote is Dn. Nicholas Kotar, author of the Ravenson series of books and past LegendHaven presenter
  • Lay Keynote is Tim Powers, award-winning author of The Anubis Gates, On Stranger Tides, and Honored Guest at the inaugural meeting of Steamcon
  • Breakout presenters include Chrism Press authors Karen Ullo and Eleanor Bourg Nicholson, Tabletop RPG designer and author Kenneth Hite, and Graphic Novelist Bryan J.L. Glass.
  • Non-fiction authors Stephanie Slade, and Cindy Collins Smith round out the slate of Breakout presenters.

DOXACON X will feature an author panel with audience Q&A, and you can meet and chat with fiction writers at their vendor tables or in the hallways.

The Early Bird price of $50 continues until September 1. Tickets do not include meals or parking, but Marymount University offers all-you-can-eat dining at $16 per plate all day long in the Dining Hall just outside our session rooms.

Register for this year’s Doxacon by visiting:

We hope to see you in November at DOXACON X!

Have you visited Doxacon in the past?

What did you love about it? Are you going this year? Comment below!


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