Creating broken characters and stories of hope with Tasha Kazanjian | LegendFiction

Creating broken characters and stories of hope with Tasha Kazanjian | LegendFiction

Nov 8, 2022 | Latest, Legendmakers, Shows

Tasha has a fascination for realistic, gritty stories that push characters to discover their depths. It’s a little surprising then she sees herself as Lucy in Narnia, open to wonder and creativity. But it is that openness that drives her fascination for broken characters truly open to reality, as beautiful and harsh as it is, and honoring authenticity in their adventuring. Most importantly, stories should point to hope, however dark the world seems, as a way to show redemption and change.

Tasha writes fantasy, usually for either middle grade or adult markets. Currently, she’s working on a couple of short stories for an indie publisher, and revising an adult fantasy novel featuring ice age dragons. She loves reading, usually old books, and watching either Studio Ghibli movies or 80s flicks (the more synth music, the better). And when not doing any of that (or working), she’s probably baking.

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