Announcing: The CatholicAuthor Creative Writing Program for High School Teens

Announcing: The CatholicAuthor Creative Writing Program for High School Teens

Jan 5, 2022 | Announcements, Latest

Homeschool parents: can you imagine your high school teens excited about a creative writing course that counts as school, and will help them get jobs in the future?

Want this writing club to be more than an extracurricular activity? Get help and feedback from professionals and Catholic writer mentors on each story your teen writes.

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By enrolling your high school teens in this course, parents can assign a full credit for extra curricular activities on the high school transcript. Colleges will love to see that…

This course is:

  • Personal: a mentor reads every submission to provide constructive feedback
  • Flexible: write at your own pace each month, assign it to any high school semester
  • Reputable: mentors are professional writers and passionate Catholics
  • Affordable: flat monthly fee or annual discount, perfect for homeschool families
  • Valuable: earn an English elective credit for your high school transcripts

Course details

  • Program Cost: $24 per month, or $240 per year (get 2 months free)
  • Age for Entry: Students must be 14, or 9th Grade or higher. Younger students may request to apply
  • Pre-Requisites: No pre-requisites required. A passion for creative writing is a must.

About this program

This Creative Writing Program prompts your child to have fun with writing, to actually get it done and get published, to earn feedback and share their own insights. All of this teaches them how to communicate and express themselves, to help them get jobs!

What if your teen could share their excitement about fiction with a community of friends? Imagine your teen joining regular contests, and competing for a chance to get published in our quarterly journal? What if they could share their works in progress for ideas and feedback, to help them be better writers in record time?

It’s all online, fits right into their schoolwork, or after their normal schedule. Join a community filled with people serious about writing.

  • If your teen has dreamed of writing a novel but no idea where to start, sign them up.
  • If they’ve found themselves stuck somewhere between planning and finishing their drafts, they should join.
  • If your teen lacks the confidence to complete a manuscript, sign them up.
  • If your teen needs practice receiving and implementing feedback, sign them up.
  • If your teen wants a fun, lively, space to make friends and enjoy improving their writing skills, start today.

Why join this program

Most homeschooling families don’t have a course or a plan for creative writing. Students are allowed to fiddle around in their spare time. But if they’re uniquely passionate about this, they’re spending hours on it already.

When your teen joins this course, they’re going to get better, get feedback, stop procrastinating, learn from published and professional authors, join workshops and challenges, be pushed to think about themselves and their writing more deeply, finish their stories and novels, stimulate their creativity, start getting used to the publication and revision process, and get in the groove of regular writing – so that they actually improve!

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Imagine gifting your teen a fun and friendly way to learn the discipline of writing.

  • To learn to write faster and clearer to land better jobs – because they can prove they can share what they think with clarity
  • To understand the parts of a good story, and a good novel
  • To understand how to be a modern Catholic Author
  • To get published and their name known
  • To have a network of friends who support them
  • To build a trusted circle of beta readers
  • To launch their brand and their audience by starting their writing portfolio

How the program works

  1. Once you sign up, you’ll get access to our private CatholicAuthor Teen writing group!
  2. You will need to read through our manifesto, ‘How to be a Catholic Author,’ and our mini-course on ‘How to Write a Short Story.’
  3. Every month, you will create and submit an original short story, following the prompts we will share.


  • Help form each other with feedback from your peers
  • Live co-writing sessions with other teens
  • Monthly Q&A with published authors


  • Half credit, students can spend a minimum of 60+ hours. Concretely, that means participating in the quarterly contests to finish 4 stories.
  • 1 credit involves 150+ hours of work, around 30 minutes a day. Students participate in every monthly genre challenge and quarterly contest, and will finish 12 stories in a year.
  • Additional half credit opportunities: Students can participate in additional workshops throughout the year to spend time with Catholic writer mentors on a preferred topic. They must complete the exercises to get a passing grade from the mentor.

How Mentors work

Every story is read by a program mentor, a passionate Catholic with professional writing experience. The student gets private feedback on the quality of their submission, including what’s working and not working in your story. This usually includes characters, voice, plot, dialogue, setting, and style.

Students must demonstrate an ability to incorporate feedback from their mentor, and improve their submissions each time.

At the end of the year, students can earn a Certificate of Satisfaction from the mentor. Parents are encouraged to read the stories and follow along with their student’s progress, so that you feel confident in awarding the credit on their high school transcript.

The core value of our creative writing program is professional feedback from our mentor. This gives your student the confidence and direction they need to improve faster.

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