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Just Write Already Podcast from LegendFiction

Jun 28, 2022

5 Easy Tips for Writing a Great Hook


You’ve got an awesome plot outlined and some great character ideas, now all you have to do is write that first paragraph. It should be easy, all you have to do is make something so enthralling it grabs your reader’s attention and holds it until the very end of the book! You’re itching with excitement as you sit down at the keyboard, you touch your anxious fingers to the keys, and… you don’t do anything because you have no idea how to get started…

Before you throw yourself down the swirling spiral of despair, listen to this episode for five easy tips that will help you start your story with a punch.

Join us for a 15-minute tip each week, short enough to squeeze in, long enough to learn something, and definitely not enough to last a whole cup of coffee. Why? So that you can get back to stunning your readers.

Just Write Already is the short show for new authors to create pop fiction that means something! It’s filled with tips, real-life stories, and terrible advice you should definitely ignore. We are Dominic de Souza & Katy Campbell, novel-writers and story-lovers who really need to stop talking and get back to writing. We’re helping you break free, get better, and write wilder – so that readers can’t put your story down!

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Katy thinks it’s weird to write about herself in the third person but is willing to do it for the sake of this author bio. She is a humor writer and lover of fairy tales. She prefers the gory originals to the squeaky clean Disney retellings but will gladly consume both. Visit Katy's Website


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