Your help needed: What should we rename the Journal?

Your help needed: What should we rename the Journal?

Apr 27, 2022 | Announcements, Latest

Hey there, writing friends! So we’re only just keeping apace with all the fun that’s happening – from Pennon, to the podcast, to monthly group chats, to evolving meeting rooms – not to mention all your own stories and mutual support!

This past month, we launched our first issue of Pennon, and built an amazing website to showcase all the stories.

Here’s where I want your help… I want to rename the Journal.

Why? Because it’s so, so much more than that.

It started as a showcase for contest stories. And then quickly expanded into a portfolio for authors to share stories. Then it expanded more to create a complete new home for Catholic authors to build profiles, communicate, network, and share work. Like a galaxy of mini websites.

For us writers and mentors, it’s an awesome home online to share our work.


For readers and families on the front end… it’s something else entirely.

It’s like Wattpadd. Or Mythrill Fiction. Or a Catholic Netflix for fiction. Imagine that!

Wattpad is a secular version of what we’re building. And in fact, you might enjoy going ahead and setting up a profile there too.

And Mythrill Fiction kept showing up in ads for me. The more I look at it, the more I realized…

This is what we’re building too.


  • Imagine a website where stories are published constantly. Stories from passionately Catholic authors who put storytelling first, who are serious about the craft of enchantment.
  • Imagine ongoing contests and genre challenges prompting authors to keep flexing their creativity and producing new stories.
  • Imagine sponsored ‘Quests’ – story ideas that get published as anthologies that families can give and get as gifts.
  • Imagine that people could subscribe to get notified when new stories are posted in categories they’re interested in.
  • Imagine that new authors could start building readership groups and mailing lists
  • Imagine building a home for discovering faithful, fun, and fantastic fiction

And who knows what else!

Can’t you imagine what all this could do for writers like you, who are looking for readership, publication, and exposure?

Can you imagine what a website (or an app?) like this could do for all the avid readers who want new, undiscovered, fresh stories and series!?

So we need a new name. Because the Journal isn’t enough.

And, to be honest, I want to get away from the word ‘Catholic.’ In fact, I don’t want to use any religious language.

Instead, the name should be more about fantasy. Or fiction. Or something imaginative.

It should be cool enough that anyone (Catholic or not) would look at it and think “wow. That just looks like some serious fun! I want to share that with my friends!

CatholicAuthor will always be the ‘engine’ behind this project.

But this [new name] will become like a home for publishing and discovery, built by us.

A Catholic Netflix for fiction…

Comment your creative, zany, and awesome names below!


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    What if we called it Laputa (like the floating civilization from Hayao Miyazaki’s “Castle in the Sky”)? If not that, then I think the name should have something to do with light…
    That’s the purpose of this fiction, right? To bring light to a darkened world. So the name should have something to do with light.

  2. Avatar

    A few ideas:
    “The Tavern of Tales”
    “Pilgrim’s Inn”
    “Well of Pages”
    “Cavern of Light”
    “Noble Hall”
    “Field of Gathering”
    “ Leabharlann.”
    “Small Book Nook to the Right”
    “Thunder Forest”
    “Misty Cabin.”

  3. Avatar

    Suggestion for new name for the Journal is Folio.

  4. Avatar

    Fiction Forge.


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