Why we need Strange & Epic Storytelling with Deacon Nicholas Kotar | LegendFiction

Why we need Strange & Epic Storytelling with Deacon Nicholas Kotar | LegendFiction

Nov 18, 2022 | Latest, LegendHaven 2022, Shows

Deacon Nicholas is passionate about storytelling as one of the most important calls we can have – especially today. Modern media doesn’t know what it’s doing with story, and doesn’t understand the power of shared human experience across time and culture. Deacon outlines a recent re-wilding experience, the surprising creativity that came from it, and how Camelot must live in tension with the Green Chapel.

  • This was fantastic! – Thomas S.
  • Thank you for the interview, that blew my mind! – Matt S.
  • Seriously. Awesome discussion. This was far higher-level discussion than I came here expecting. I’m going to digest this for a few days and then figure out what it means for my writing. Awesome, awesome, stuff. Please pass our appreciation along to Deacon Kotar! And thanks for facilitating that. – Bill E.
  • Thanks! I heard Deacon Kotar interviewed on Jonathan Pageau’s The Symbolic World and it’s really great to have that level of thinking about symbolism and meaning. – Amanda D.

Nicholas Kotar is a writer of epic fantasy inspired by Russian fairy tales, a freelance translator from Russian to English, the resident conductor of a men’s choir at a Russian monastery in the middle of cow country, and a Grammy-nominated vocalist. His only regret in life is that he wasn’t born in 19th century St. Petersburg, but he’s doing everything he possibly can to remedy that error. If anyone knows where he can find a blue police box that’s bigger on the inside, please let him know.

Website: https://nicholaskotar.com/

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