Wheel of Legends Short Story Contest 2023 for Catholic & Orthodox Authors

Wheel of Legends Short Story Contest 2023 for Catholic & Orthodox Authors

May 22, 2023 | Contest, Export, Latest

We have a winner! Congratulations to Grace Woods and her story, Masterpiece!

Countdown begins! With a few weeks to go, a reminder to get your stories in!

Based on your feedback, we’ve tweaked the rules – select any character you like from the Wheel. Your main character does not need to be your LegendFiction house. You’re free to write any role you like, in any genre.

Not sure, or in doubt? Enter your story anyway! Deadline is June 12.

Plus: we’ve launched an AI tool to help you better understand archetypes. Just ask your questions about any character type, or describe your story idea to get help with plot direction!

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In a world where heroes are made, legends are born, and stories are told, comes an epic challenge like no other. A challenge that will test your creativity, your imagination, and your storytelling skills! Welcome to the Wheel of Legends Short Story Contest, a short story competition that calls upon the imagination of heroes and the ingenuity of master storytellers.

The challenge is simple yet daunting:

  1. Take the Wheel of Legends quiz, and find out your author style and LegendFiction house!
  2. Create a 3000-4000 word story inspired by any character type on the wheel, and bring a character to life and adventure. When submitting, include your name, your LegendFiction house, and the archetype of your main character.
  3. Submit your story by the Monday, June 12th deadline to earn prizes!

It’s a chance to journey into the depths of your imagination, and to show the world what you’re capable of.

Remarkable rewards

The rewards for our winners are truly remarkable.

  1. The first prize winner will have their story published in our printable magazine, Pennon, and an exclusive merch hoodie from our LegendFiction store. Plus, receive a coupon code to attend one free workshop from the Legendmakers Academy of your choice. This is a chance to learn from the best, to sharpen your skills, and to elevate your craft to a new level of excellence.
  2. The second and third place winners will also have their stories published in our magazine, and receive a coupon code to attend a Legend Fiction workshop – at a discount. It’s an opportunity to showcase your talent, gain recognition, and take your writing career to the next level.
  3. Honorable mentions from the contest may be published in Pennon at our editor’s discretion.

So are you ready to take on this legendary challenge?

Step 1: Create your story as a Google Doc, or you can post it on your website. By the end of the contest, it should be publicly available online so that we can link to it!

Step 2: Explore our Stories space in our private community, and read other stories posted in our community, and choose one to give positive and helpful feedback. This is how our community gives feedback to each other, to strengthen each other.

Step 3: Share your contest entry in the Stories group, and include the hashtag #wheelcontest Our judges will be looking at this hashtag to pull up and sort all entries.

The deadline for submissions is Monday, June 12th, and the winners will be announced on Monday, June 26th.

  • Your short story submission must be between 3000 to 4,000 words. 
  • All genres welcome.
  • Ideally Young adult fiction, not children’s stories, and no extremely mature content.
  • No fan fiction. Your creative world may be similar to your favorite series, but must have original content.
  • Contestant participants must be members of the LegendFiction community.
  • All stories are subject to mentor review. We will select and review stories that best follow our content and contest guidelines.
  • We review every entry after the deadline, and select the top 5 best for Round 1. (This number may change, depending on the quantity and quality of entries.)
  • The Round 1 entries are put to community vote for members to decide on the top 3.
  • The top 3 entries are reviewed by our mentors, to decide on the first place finalist. We may even have a sponsor select the finalist.

  • All participants will be notified about the contest finalists by email, or in the community. Judges’ decisions are final.
  • We only offer personalized feedback to contestants who make it into Round 1, or Course members.    
  • We read all submissions ‘anonymously,’ meaning name and past expertise does not influence our decision on the merit of your entry.
  • We provide feedback and editing recommendations on every entry that proceeds through the contest rounds. Poorly written jumbles of words, or inexperienced entries, are passed over in favor of entries with demonstrated skill. The LegendFiction staff reserves the right to NOT award a winner if the submissions do not reach a publishable standard.
  • A contestant continues to earn their place by incorporating feedback and demonstrating improvement. All our editors have been trained to help guide the development of each piece to reach its fullest potential in keeping with the author’s vision. We value your effort.
  • Preference is given to stories with solid storytelling structure, well constructed and written, and is consistent with the LegendFiction voice, as determined by contest staff and administrators, in their sole but reasonable discretion.

Bonus Prizes

Thy Olive Tree

Free 1-month access: The First Place winner will get free 1-month access to the Fiat Self-Publishing Academy’s online community, live events, and previous event recordings. It can be redeemed within 30 days of winning. (Current Academy members are not eligible, but they can give it to a friend if they win!) The Fiat Self-Publishing Academy teaches authors how to self-publish good, true, and beautiful books, and to market their books, all through the lens of the Catholic faith. LegendFiction is proud to support Fiat and their work in helping authors.

Ready to begin?

Here’s a list of helpful links to get you oriented!

This is your chance to prove your worth as a writer, to create a tale that will stand the test of time, and to become a legend in your own right.

Who’s entering this contest? Drop a comment here with one word describing your idea!


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