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What’s a ‘Mythic Tale’? Writing heroic fiction | Creative Convos for CatholicAuthor

What’s a ‘Mythic Tale’? Writing heroic fiction | Creative Convos for CatholicAuthor

May 6, 2022 | Latest

Mythic Tales sounds like it’s all mythology, but it’s bigger. ‘Mythic’ means any heroic story of a character dealing with a problem, and finding a way to overcome it to make the world right again. The central theme is heroism and meaning. Most of the stories we enjoy are mythic like that.

They don’t have to include mythological elements or creatures. Fantasy, sci fi, historical adventure, all is classified under the very broad sense of ‘mythic tales.’

Enter the Mythic Tales contest

Joining us today are Katy Campbell (watch her interview), and Verity Lucia (watch her interview)!

Katy’s Website: katysfables.com Verity’s Website: verityluciabooks.com 

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