Troll Bacon Quest

Do you like creative, crazy, and downright rib-ticklin' short stories? Welcome to this quest, where you're invited to submit a story on a theme. The top 10 submissions get featured right here in LegendFiction. Hosted by Dominic de Souza, founder of LegendFiction.

What is 'troll bacon?' It's a prompt to get you to think about fantasy worlds in new and unique ways. Think about hinting at a larger world beyond our eyesight. Imagine Canadian trolls tearing up maple trees like sugar cane. Imagine a secret war to harvest troll bacon happening under our very noses. 

The best stories will feature a fantasy element, and be set in the real world. Stories can be thrillers, romance, whimsy, cautionary tales, or many more. They must all have an element of fun and humor, either through the idea, or the way the characters respond to situations.

Questions? Drop a comment at the end of this page. 

This quest is hosted by Dominic de Souza

Your short story submission should be between 1000 to 5,000 words. Only submit one story per quest!

No fan fiction. Your creative world may be similar to your favorite series, but must have original content.

Contestant participants:


The top 10 stories will be published in a special, print-on-demand LegendFiction journal that you can share with friends and fans!

How judging works

CatholicAuthor staff will review every entry as it comes in. After the deadline, we may select the top 10 best for publication in a print-on-demand journal. If we don't have enough entries, or the entries don't fit the quality we're looking for, we will extend the deadline. (But this number may change - depending on the quantity and quality of entries!)

Quest Details

Quests and contest work the same way. Read all the contest requirements here.

To submit your story, sign in to your free profile on LegendFiction, add your author account, and post your story.

LegendFiction is a creative project to help writers write, and readers read! Mostly it's about sharing our love of imaginative, faith-inspired fiction, for Catholic and Orthodox writers. 

LegendFiction publishes short stories, chapters, and collections of creative content. 

Anyone can create a free profile, and start entering their stories. Your content is your own, and you keep your copyrights.

LegendFiction invites members to join the CatholicAuthor community, an online community for the modern Catholic fiction writer. There is no obligation - but we believe you'll enjoy giving and getting feedback, sharing your works in progress, and building a network of like-minded friends. Preview the group, and start your 7-day trial today.

Are you a teen between 13-17? Join our private community, hosted by Catholic Homeschool Online: CatholicAuthor Teens

Check out our manifesto course, ‘How to be a Catholic Author’. All members should be familiar with it.


First Place Finalists: Authors & Teens

The contest sponsor voted first place for our Author story. Teen first place was decided by popular vote, with a mentor’s vote to break the tie! 

Quest submissions
- coming soon -

Meet your Quest Host

Dominic is the founder of CatholicAuthor and LegendFiction. He loves imaginative, creative stories that share a surprising truth, or help us see reality in a wacky new way.

Some of his favorite novels, movies, and sources include Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, The Witcher, Star Wars, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jordan Peterson, our Holy Father Pope Francis, and more.

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