Sacred Stories | Pennon Journal Issue 3

Sacred Stories | Pennon Journal Issue 3

Oct 24, 2022 | Announcements, Contest, Latest, Pennon

Filled with stories and news and inspiration, Pennon 3 has landed! It features the finalists and honorable mentions from our Sacred Stories contest.

You’ll also see all the excitement for our upcoming convention, LegendHaven, on November 26. Plus all the new announcements around mentors, the new community, our brand new merch store, new quests… plus the new Christmas contest!

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Welcome Letter from the Founder

Each quarter, something new is created and shared to further the fun we’re having on this sacred pilgrimage of life.
And this time, it’s a host of updates to celebrate our first anniversary as a community!

We began in 2021 as CatholicAuthor, and grew faster than we thought possible. Not with quantity, but with quality – a stellar cohort of teens and authors who thrive on joining contests, and creating an inspiring home online.

So, in time for our first online convention, we re-launched CatholicAuthor as LegendFiction. You can read the announcement within this issue.

We’ve also officially welcomed both teens and authors together into a single community, and launched our mentor program.

Our list of allies does not grow thin, either.

Select printing houses, sponsors, and universities are keeping an eye on what we’re doing. And that’s exciting for us, because we want to build more than a getaway for delightful dorkery.

We want to build a gateway to your creative saga. We want to help you with your writing journey from idea to publication. Part of that is pointing you to publication opportunities!

For now, we’re doubling down on writing quests and contests, packed with prompts to keep you in the zone.

We’ve had writers tell us they’ve never written so much in their lives as when they joined this community.

And the key?

The support and encouragement of friends and peers.

Now, we want to share this incredible community with the wider world of faith-inspired, Catholic and Orthodox fiction authors.

At any time, you can send in your ideas and suggestions. We listen carefully to everything!

Till next time, keep writing,

Sacred Stories Contest Finalists
Patron Saint
Quid Est Veritas

Round 2 Finalists
Sasha & the Mysterious Priest
The Harrowing of Heaven
The Bellowing of the Ox

Honorable Mention
Unanswered Prayers
Fra Angelico & The Letterheart
A Fish Dichotomy

LegendHaven 2022
Our new LegendFiction Community
The Family Plan
Fantastic Mentors & Where to Find Them
Enter a Quest
How to Keep a Story Going
LegendHaven 2022 Merch
Sacred Stories: Drama with the Mystagogical Frontier

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