Romance, High Seas, & the Revolutionary War – ‘In Pieces’ with Rhonda Ortiz

Romance, High Seas, & the Revolutionary War – ‘In Pieces’ with Rhonda Ortiz

Rhonda’s childhood love of Laura Ingalls Wilder, and marathoning of the ‘Horatio Hornblower’ series tapped into a great reverence for the Story of Eden. ‘In Pieces’ is an historical romance novel set during the Revolutionary War, where two traumatized friends form a friendship to endure the slanders, rigors, and relationship of love and the high seas.

ABOUT Rhonda Ortiz
Rhonda Ortiz is a Lay Dominican, novelist, nonfiction writer, and founding editor of Chrism Press. Her debut novel, ‘In Pieces’, was the winner of the Crown Award and competitive Genesis Award. A native Oregonian, she attended St. John’s College in historic Annapolis, Maryland and now lives in Michigan with her husband and children.

Her articles on spirituality, family life, and arts and culture have been published by a variety of popular media outlets. She was a contributor to ‘The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion: A Book of Daily Reflections’, edited by bestselling authors Lisa Hendey and Sarah Reinhard. Additionally, she spent four years serving as Art Director for the literary magazine ‘Dappled Things’. Rhonda is also a founding editor of Chrism Press.

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    Rhonda, I loved reading In Pieces and I’m looking forward to the sequel about Molly Chase and Josiah! It was great to see you and Jared at the Hope College event where we purchased your book.
    Please let me know when the sequel becomes available and I look forward to the sequel.

    Judy Forslund Ayers


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