Quiz: Discover your Author Role, and enter the Wheel of Legends

Quiz: Discover your Author Role, and enter the Wheel of Legends

Mar 12, 2023 | Announcements, Latest

Are you ready to discover your legendary author role? Get ready to embark on an epic adventure as you explore the depths of your personality and connect with like-minded authors.

LegendFiction has created a quiz that will help you find your place in one of their four legendary houses: Visioneers, Chalimancers, Wanderies, or Excalibyrn. Whether you’re a lover librarian, an artisan royal, a mystic explorer, or a warrior adventurer, this quiz will provide insight into your unique strengths and help you connect with others who share your passions.

So what are you waiting for? Find out where you are on the Wheel of Legends.

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Why ‘legend author’ roles?

Several reasons. The most important one: it’s fun.

The practical reason: Like any personality test, it’s about learning more of ourselves, and finding out who else is like us.

Within our LegendFiction community, we hope this brings some pretty great benefits: authors can now find like-minded friends faster. This also helps with story feedback and suggestions: an adventure-lover might prefer to get feedback from other adventure lovers, and not an academic librarian.

When authors of similar minds connect, they help each other in unexpected and exciting ways.

What are the houses?

We’ve created four. In the community, you can only join one house at a time. For all the usual reasons. 10 points to Gryffindor, and all that.

In your home, you can break all the rules and be anything, you rebel, you.

Visioneers, the Academic Librarians

Visioneers are often highly intuitive and intelligent, fascinated by the depths of human nature, and intrigued by the human psyche in their characters. Visioneers are the astrolabes of humanity who explore the depths of our interior lives, without losing sight of the stars of meaning.

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Chalimancers, the Artisan Builders

Chalimancers are attuned to how characters react and interact with each other. They explore the intricacies of everyday life, how characters face real challenges and deal with complex emotions. They are the grails of humanity, symbolizing the gift of cultivating communion.

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Wanderies, the Mystics & Explorers

The Wanderies often explore the limits of creativity to understand the meaning of the world, and their place in it. They wander the imaginal realms between matter and spirit, their acute attention like a wand, bringing life and magic to reality.

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Excalibyrn, the Warrior Adventurers

Excalibyrn are drawn to danger, the wilderness, and challenges. With the heart of a hero, the mind of a magician, and the spirit of an outlaw, everything is a quest. These are the swords of humanity, these masters of risk and rebirth who know when to sever and when to defend.

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“How did you come up with this quiz?”

There are plenty of personality quizzes out there. But hey, one more makes the world a better place!

Our is based on two areas: the Jungian archetypes, and our own secret sauce.

The archetypes from Carl Jung tap into deep story-based themes of human identity, such as the Royal, the Outlaw, the Sage, the Innocent, the Lover, the Magician, and more.

While most other tests are analytical, and give a snapshot of your current identity patterns, the archetypes are imaginal, like mythic characters.

Humans do not exist without some sort of story that frames our identity. We act the way we do because it helps us get somewhere, do something, or be someone we want. Stories have an end, a goal, a purpose. It’s those endings that give meaning to our choices now. And its for those endings that we construct our personality choices.

This is one of the big reasons we call ourselves ‘Legend‘ Fiction – because we are walking legends, and stories are the legends we thrive or die by.

What’s the secret sauce, you say?

Here’s the recipe, because we don’t believe in secret sauces. We broke down four kinds of authors based on their introversion vs extroversion, and how much they personalize or externalize the world.

  • Visioneers are the most introverted and academic, attentive to the interior reality of the self (the I in me.)
  • Chalimancers are slightly more extroverted, attentive to interbeing with others and artistic expression (the I in you)
  • Wandiers are attentive to the interior meaning of the world (the it in me)
  • Excalibyrn are attentive to exterior interaction with the world (the it in itself)

A truly healthy and wise person will learn to be all four kinds, to understand their shadow side, and work to be the radiant versions of themselves.

“What if I feel like more than one house??”

Don’t we all! I wish I was Ravenclaw, but keep coming up Gryffindor. That’s ok. Choose one and use it as a lantern in a dark place, as a tool to see yourself and others more clearly.

We all grow and change.  You  might be a role for a phase of your life, or the book you’re currently writing. You get to choose. It’s more about using this as a tool to make friends faster.

I definitely was an Excalibyrn growing up, and have now become a deep Wandery.  People change. The most perfect among us change the most often.

The most important thing for any writer is to practice wonder. Cultivate awareness if ourselves, and cultivate contemplation of the world. Wisdom begins in wonder.

“What happens after the quiz?”

Share your feedback. Ask your questions. Revel in your legendary coolness.

We look forward to keep building these roles out as tools to help us be better writers, and deepen our spiritual journeys.

Next, head into the LegendFiction community to start your 30-day free trial, and hang out with other authors!

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“I have more questions!”

Ask them right here in the comments. I can’t wait to hear from you!


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