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Dominic de Souza | LegendFiction Founder & Mentor

Dominic de Souza | LegendFiction Founder & Mentor

Jan 26, 2021 | Latest, Mentors

A young, Catholic dad and novelist passionate about worldbuilding and faith-inspired fiction. I’m a graduate from the Writer’s Institute for Children’s Literature, self-published a children’s novel, and work as a full time marketer and graphic designer. I am married, with a small girl and a smaller corgi.

I wrote my first novel at 13, self published at 18, and finished a sequel. I’ve written scores of short stories, hundreds of articles on marketing, branding, hosted 4 podcasts/shows, and launched 2 online communities, SmartCatholics, and LegendFiction.

Novels are my first love, and LegendFiction is a home for us to get creative about faith, fiction and writing fun.

As much as Sunday School bored me as a kid, the last ten years have been the fanning of a slow fire, the hunger to see a greater Christian contribution to the world of novels and storytelling. We stand in the  middle of a vast renaissance of culture that hasn’t stopped from the 16th century. In our very century, our Church has also integrated these great needs for renewal within our tradition.

I am deeply fascinated by the mystic path of the storyteller, and LegendFiction is a way to help authors see that writing is not a hobby, or an exercise. It can be our own spiritual journey to prompt a deeper and more Christian inner life.

Some of my favorite novels, movies, and sources include Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, The Witcher, Star Wars, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jordan Peterson, our Holy Father Pope Francis, and more.

How do you mentor the community?

I’m usually present in the community every day, responding to messages and sharing feedback on ideas and stories. I’m more focused on workshopping ideas and inviting ‘speakers’ and authors to come and share their expertise.

That’s why I host LegendMakers, a show and podcast made up of authors’ origin stories, their latest work, and their writing process.

I also cohost ‘Just Write Already!’ with Katy, a podcast about the craft of writing.

And we also plan to start a new show called ‘The LegendFiction Show’ where I chat with mentors about the theology of fiction.

Plus I help host contests and corral quests for our writers to stay in the zone.


“Working with Dominic opened up whole new dimensions to my story that I had never even considered before.” Eric Harrah, ‘The Sartonian Knight’

“Dominic de Souza has a great gift of editing that pours out into his skills, helping me go deeper into my thoughts and prose so that the words on pages spring to life.” Dr Jean Lee, ‘A Modern Day Mary Magdalene’

Founder of LegendFiction. Geeks over epics, mystics, science, the angelic, & Netflix. Got an idea for a guest post? Send me a note! | Visit my website


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