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March Writing Challenge: Teens & Young Adult Short Story – any genre!

March Writing Challenge: Teens & Young Adult Short Story – any genre!

Mar 3, 2022 | Latest

Every month in CatholicAuthor, we host a writing challenge. A short story on a theme to prompt you to try new writing styles. Most importantly, a way to keep writing!

Challenges are not judged by mentors. They thrive on peer review – feedback from your friends in the community!

In March, we’re focusing on teens and young adult. These are often stories of change, of growth. The teen begins to step into the world of adulthood, usually taking on more responsibilities, more independent thinking, and challenging norms.

Often these are stories of humility or heroism, sometimes both. It can take humility to accept the wisdom of the tribe’s tradition. Or heroism to challenge it and strike out in a more authentic and true path.

Your story can be in any genre – fantasy, sci fi, historical, adventure, gothic, etc.  The focus is on the teen discovering themselves, their contribution, and their role.

If you’re a CatholicAuthor member, write your original story and post it before the end of March.

The best-crafted entries may be eligible for honorable mention in Pennon, the CatholicAuthor journal.

What are some of your favorite YA or teen stories? Can you identify what makes them that in a few words? Drop a comment below!

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