LegendHaven: Why we’re launching the first-ever Catholic & Orthodox Fiction Convention

LegendHaven: Why we’re launching the first-ever Catholic & Orthodox Fiction Convention

Oct 28, 2022 | Announcements, Latest

LegendHaven is more than a fun meetup over the Thanksgiving weekend.

It’s more than an online series of sessions and chats with like-minded, passionate readers and writers of fiction.

It’s even more than a chance to learn about the ludicrous levels of creativity happening in the LegendFiction community.

We’re starting something that doesn’t exist.

A faith-inspired, Catholic & Orthodox fiction convention.

Our hope for this convention is that

  • Writers will be utterly stoked to get back to writing. To dust off those old stories from their younger years, re-edit them, and share them online.
  • Publishers will perk up and marvel at this new fictionmoot that appeared out of nowhere, like a dragon over the skies of Valyria.
  • We grow our community of members together to give and get feedback, share works in progress, and grow their network of friends.
  • Con attendees will have so much fun chatting and hanging out that they’ll wonder why in the heck did no one host something like this before?
  • New books and series and trailers will be shared
  • People will look forward to the next con all year and get ready to share their dreams with excited fans

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A convention, not a conference

Conventions are an incredibly fun place to meet authors and artists, discover new fandoms, spend time with fellow fans, participate in launches, and explore new things.

Our team at LegendFiction looked around one morning and realized that Catholic and Orthodox fiction writers don’t have anything like that.

Writing conferences do exist. But not conventions.

Conferences are big get-togethers centered on learning.

But conventions mean fun.

So that’s what we’ve decided to do. We’re starting the first online convention for specfic writers, lovers of scifi, fantasy, magical realism, horror, comics, historical fiction, and everything inbetween.

What’s the goal?

  • To bring readers and writers together
  • To announce new and exciting projects
  • To host read-alouds and author meetups
  • To marshal an expo of sponsors and creators

And we’re doing it with verve and drama. Because that’s how we roll.

Our first event theme is ‘There Be Dragons,’ because that’s what life and creativity is about. Facing your dragons, doing battle, and growing in heroism and humanity.

And we’re just getting started.

Meet our community

Like you, we believe we have a creative contribution to human flourishing. We’re not looking to invent evangelistic tracts and apologetical literature. We don’t want to create content for our specific Christian tribe.

We want to create riveting fun for our readers, whether or not they’re in our belief system.

We’re a community of faith-inspired fiction writers. We are deeply in love with Christ and our faith, but we’re also writers and gamers and movie-rs and actors and dorks who seriously dig things like worldbuilding, characters, and the craft of taletelling.

Our readers and audiences are not the friends at our parish. They’re anyone online and in the world who loves what we love.

The LegendFiction community is only a year old, and we’re already having so much fun. Plus… people are actually doubling or tripling their writing output. Which is amazing… because we all know how writers love to procrastinate.

I’ll tell you about it sometime.

We decided to anchor ourselves in ludicrous epicness for how we do stuff. We like to get carried away. Or swept off our feet with imagination. That’s what our readers want from us. So that’s what we hope to do with our con.

It’s all about igniting sparks and inner embers, and blowing them into fires together.

Plus costumes.

What’s in the future?

Maybe someday we’ll host an in-person event.

Maybe we will grow to be *the* Catholic and Orthodox fiction-busting, faith-inspired, annual event that everyone wants to join.

We don’t know. But we certainly get excited dreaming, and laying our plans.

What do you think?

Will you be there?

Check out LegendHaven


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