Nov 26, 2022 | Online Convention

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Share your ideas about faith-inspired fiction at LegendHaven, hosted by LegendFiction.

An online convention to meet and inspire Catholic and Orthodox fiction authors, and readers.

Promoted to our 300 authors, + 10,000 Catholics invited.

LIve Meetups

Jump into live speed meetings to chat with new and veteran authors. Join or make hangouts!


Host a free workshop during the convention, and/or offer a paid workshop afterward.

AUthor Expos

Share your business, your brand, or your latest book. Chat with visitors!

Inspire people to write better stories

Invite signups to build your list

Share your tips and process

Launch your latest product or link

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Your talk shared on YouTube and Spotify

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Go live and chat with attendees


You have a vision for fiction. We want to help you share it.

LegendHaven is a celebration of LegendFiction’s first anniversary. To the members of our community and fiction-loving authors, it’s a fun chance to meet up and share our love of creativity.

But for leaders like you, it’s a greater mission.

Religious and non-affiliated alike starve for a return to dragons, fantasy and imaginative fiction. Hits like the Rings of Power, Avatar, Fantastic Beasts, Sandman, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Avengers – and so many more – prove that magic, meaning, and a return to reality resonates. 

But we need to do better than re-process flatlined fun, or collage the tired tropes of modern media. We need to return to the strange wilderness of numinous creation.

We need to rediscover dragons.

We don’t need more fiction fired at our own tribes of card-carrying Catholics and Orthodox.

We need to create faith-inspired ‘legends’ – stories so dramatic and compelling that subway riders will pass them around for sheer joy.

We are collaborating on a haven where we can nurture and ignite such storytelling together.

Like you, we’re helping a new generation of authors (and ourselves) turn with reverence and bravery to the kaleidoscopic theosis of Christ acting within human living and storytelling.

We need to inspire a return to enchanted reality, wild and angelic and dragoned and Christ-saturated. We must return to seeing fiction as a drama of light emerging from the dark, a wrestling with angels for brutal, brilliant blessings.

Your stories begin to answer this need.

We are a small team of passionate volunteers and mentors to our community, reaching out to create a new wave of friends, partnerships, and opportunities.

And we want to help share your ideas.

Join us for a 1 day, online convention we plan to pack with short talks, live meetups and hangouts, and plenty of conversation. 

I’m excited to collaborate with you,


Dominic de Souza
Founder, LegendFiction

2022 theme

There be dragons

Dragons are ancient and dramatic symbols for wisdom and chaos, gods and growth, the numinous and the dangerous, the satanic and seraphic.

Most importantly, dragons stand for everything beautiful, dangerous, and undiscovered in creation. Storytellers do more than imagine the drama of adventuring. They challenge readers to dig deeper, beneath our own scales, in the hope of unleashing our own hoard of creativity and fire.

Our world needs dragons, because the world needs us.

They’re the stuff of legend.

What is LegendFiction?

LegendFiction is a thriving community of Catholic and Orthodox fiction writers. We love scifi, fantasy, and imaginative fiction. Most importantly, we are faith-inspired. We have a valuable contribution to make – but only if we can tell rousing and riveting stories first.


How does a talk work?

1. Pre-record

Schedule your time to pre-record a 15-20 minute conversation with Dominic. You choose the topic! We produce, and premiere it for the convention.

2. Promote

Share your epic, custom graphics and pre-written scripts as blogs, social posts, and emails. Spread the word to invite your friends, fellows, and fans.

3. Present

Be present during the convention to chat, answer questions, and meet members. Go live in your booth to share your brand and books, or host your own live sessions.

How to Get an expo booth?

Speakers get a free booth to share links and details.

Get your branded thumbnail shared in our promo emails, and on social media.


Get a branded booth to link to your website and meet convention guests.


Buy a full-page ad in our print-on-demand, Christmas issue of Pennon.

– Ask us today –


What makes a good talk?

Scan through these if you’re ready to make a talk! Plus 

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What should a talk cover?

You choose the topic! Ideally, we want short, inspirational talks that reference a popular, modern fandom or fiction series.

Draw inspiration and cues from modern drama.

Show how your own stories or ideas promote deeper, intentional taletelling. Let us enthuse and empower writers to re-wild their own inspiration. And their own faith life.

Do I have to include dragons?

No. You don’t need to specifically reference dragons, but the spirit of what dragons mean. :) i.e.; discovery, facing up to challenges, growth through adventure, etc.

A successful talk format

  • First 30 seconds: start with your big idea
  • Introduce yourself and welcome viewers to the talk
  • Share a story that makes your idea personal
  • Highlight the problems surrounding your big idea – what’s wrong with the world, culture, attitudes, and what happens if we don’t fix things.
  • Show the ‘promised land’ and what our lives could be like if we made a change
  • End with a call to action, or provide a technique that attendees can do on their own immediately.

Do these Tech checks

  • Ensure clear audio and beautiful, high quality video
  • Plan on it being short – 15 to 17 minutes
  • Create a clear, interesting background
  • Sitting or standing is fine – whatever’s comfortable
  • Natural light is always best
  • Begin and end your video with warmth and confidence.
  • Do share 1 idea, a couple of stories, and a call to action
  • Do mention your ministry or website briefly at the end

Don't do these

  • Don’t use a virtual greenscreen (like Zoom)
  • Avoid filming with a window or bright light source behind you
  • Avoid standing in harsh sunlight
  • Don’t stand against a boring white wall
  • Don’t have clutter behind  you
  • Don’t rush your pace, or go too slow – it will affect how viewers take your message
  • Don’t end on a weak note.
  • Don’t start with a prayer  
  • Don’t try to compress a 45 minute talk into 15 minutes
  • Don’t pitch your ministry or try to sell a product unless invited

Mark your calendar: Nov 26

RSVP your recording date

Ask a question

How can we help create an exciting, rewarding event for you?

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    Soulfinder: Infinite Ascent, creative writing discussion.

    • Dominic de Souza

      Sounds good, friend. :) Schedule a time on the calendar!

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