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Saturday, October 14, 2023 
10,000 Catholics invited
Free, online convention

Pre-record a talk about genre fiction from Catholic / Orthodox perspectives – without preaching. Engage with attendees at the con
(optional!). Promote your book!

The world needs more fiction than ever before.

 Fiction is imagined contact with the dangerous, with the real, and with the numinous. Fiction cares very deeply about reality, about sin and transfiguration, about dragons dark and bright together.

We need a new generation of writers creating faith-inspired fiction. Writers who can translate timeless truths into the themes and tropes of this generation.

Who are we

LegendFiction is an online community of faith-inspired, Catholic and Orthodox fiction authors. We offer mentoring and peer feedback to empower creativity. LegendHaven is our annual, online convention. We’re working to build *the* biggest annual event in the world for Catholic and Orthodox fiction.

We need to inspire a return to enchanted reality, wild and angelic and dragoned and Christ-saturated. We must rediscover fiction as the drama of light emerging from the dark, a wrestling with angels for brutal, brilliant blessings.

Your stories begin to answer this need.

Join our mission

Join us for a one day, online convention packed with live meetups, speed networking, and plenty of conversation. All the talks premiere ahead of time, as a content countdown – so you don’t get lost in the excitement.

I’m excited to collaborate with you,

Dominic Vera
Founder, LegendFiction

Jump into live speed meetings to chat with authors and readers!

Host a free workshop, book announcement, or a  live readaloud of your book!

Share your business, your brand, or your latest book in your booth. 

LegendHaven is a convention 🥳

We’re not a conference – we’re about building a community!
Recording your talk is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Pre-record

Show up at a link to record a 15-20 minute conversation. We premiere it free on YouTube and Spotify.

2. invite

Invite your network to meet up with you live at the con. We’ll provide graphics and scripts.

3. have fun

Go live in your convention booth to chat, and meet members. Collab with other authors!


How it all works

Scan through these if you’re ready to make a talk!

📅 Convention Schedule

(So far) Our day runs from 9am EST to 6pm EST.

  • 9AM – 12PM: Keynotes, Mentor Workshops & Official LegendHaven sessions
  • 12pm – 6pm:  Expo is open for all authors and partners. Host your readalouds, workshops, games, and open sessions!
  • 6pm – 9pm: Bonus events happen inside our private community.

🚦Content Countdown

In the weeks leading up to the con, we will premiere one talk per day. If we have many, then two per day. This allows us to feature every speaker, and no talk gets lost in the excitement of a single convention.

That way attendees are more familiar with you ahead of time, and you can host a followup workshop, Q&A, or announcement. More importantly, it allows all of us to grow our lists!

Promote your talk ahead of time on your blog, and join the live chat on YouTube to engage with your viewers!

🎆 Giveaway

We strongly recommend offering a raffle or giveaway on your own website, so that viewers visit your site and join your list.

During the video, we will invite viewers to visit your website and do one of these ideas:

  • subscribe to your list
  • leave a comment on a specific post
  • enter your giveaway tool

The winner/s get any prize you choose: signed copies of your books, a box of books you’re passing on, merch, etc.

You decide how it works, and discuss it with Dominic so that he mentions it in the recording!

🎮 Talk topic

You choose! We want short, inspirational talks that include at least one reference to a popular modern movie or book series.

Suggest a talk about writing, marketing, or how to approach aspects of writing. Content does not need to be faith-related.

See our list of talk ideas and add yours

🐲 Must I reference fantasy or sci fi?

LegendFiction has a special focus on these, but we’re just as eager about historical, paranormal, horror, and all the rest too. Just ask us!

🎬 talk format

  • Note: This is a conversation, not a performance.
  • Dominic will introduce you and welcome viewers.
  • Start with your big, bold idea, and go into a story that makes your idea personal
  • Highlight the problems surrounding your big idea – what’s wrong with the world, culture, attitudes, and what happens if we don’t fix things.
  • Show the ‘promised land’ and what our lives could be like if we made a change
  • End with a call to action, or provide a technique that attendees can do on their own immediately. Ideally, include a question that will prompt conversation and comments.
  • Dominic will end by asking about your website, and ask you to have the last word: why do we need more faith-inspired fiction?

✅ Tech checks - do these!

  • Ensure clear audio and a quiet environment
  • A strong WIFI signal, or plug into your router
  • Plan on it being short – 15 to 17 minutes
  • Create a clear, interesting background
  • Sitting or standing is fine

❌ Don't do these

  • Don’t use a virtual greenscreen (like Zoom)
  • Don’t have a window or bright light source behind you
  • Don’t stand against a boring white wall
  • Don’t have clutter behind  you
  • Don’t pitch your book till the end

Mark your calendar: Oct 14

RSVP your recording date

Ask a question

How can we help create an exciting, rewarding event with you?

Or send us a private message.


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