How to post a story request in LegendFiction

How to post a story request in LegendFiction

Apr 6, 2023 | Announcements, Latest

There’s nothing more exciting than finishing your story and heading over to the LegendFiction community to ask for reader feedback!

Everyone in our community is expected to learn and follow the rules for being an awesome legend, so that we all take care of each other. Plus, stories get read, and folk make new friends.

Rule #1: Read First, Post Second

Very important: Before posting your story, read a story.

Sort the story feed in this space by ‘Unanswered’ to see if legends have shared their work, and not yet received comments. Choose a story that interests you, read it, and leave some helpful feedback.

 Rule #2: Tag and Blurb it

We have plenty of writers who thrive in all sort of genres… but not everyone wants to read the same thing! Create a short blurb describing the first 30% of your story so that people know where it’s going. Add up to 3 hashtags to your story; 2 for categories, and 1 for Audience.

Categories: #action #adventure #dark #epic #fairytale #fantasy #gothic #heartwarming #historical #humor #inspiring #lighthearted #moody #moral #mystery #paranormal #reimagined #sciencefiction #spiritual #superhero #teen #thriller #whimsical #ya

Audiences: #everyone #adult  #family #men #women #youngadult  #newadult #single #teens  #middlegrade #children

(Middle Grade = 8-13 | Young Adult = 13-18 | New Adult = 18-25)

Here’s an example:

Rule #3: Namedrop your read

@mention the name of the person who’s story you just read, to invite them to come check out yours – especially if it’s in the same genre. This is how you show the community that you did you followed the flow of reading first, posting second.

If everyone follows this process, what happens?

Everyone is always checking to see that new stories have been reviewed and critiqued before new content is added.

Remember, LegendFiction has an steeelclad rule about zero negativity with critiques! Check the short post from our mentor Katy here.

Now, go create your legends!


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