How to Create Authentic Characters for Your Stories with Tasha Kazanjian

How to Create Authentic Characters for Your Stories with Tasha Kazanjian

How can we create authentic characters? What is the magic behind exploring their lives and weaving them into our stories?

In the latest episode of Magic in the Ordinary, we discuss this with Tasha Kazangjian. Tasha is a fantasy writer who has been pubished in multiple anthologies and has a novel coming soon! She has been on the Legend Fiction Podcast to disucss broken characters and stories of hope, and I absoltuely loved her beautiful insights on creating characters.

Here are some of the things we discuss in the latest episode Magic in the Ordinary:

1. Some characters seem to be real people with minds of their own. How do we get to know characters like these? We talk about the magic of documenting the story you see in your head instead of forcing it.

2. How do we deal with side characters? What do we do when they are too quiet or too loud? Sometimes characters get really annoying or surprise us. We talk about our frustrations and joys with these characters who get less screen time but are no less important.

3. Where do we get inspiration for stories? We talk about the beauty of fairy tale retellings and tropes. Playing with the magic of these story elements is so important.

4. How can stories work as therapy? We discuss a branch of narrative therapy. Writing the narratives of our lives can actually help us heal and see things more clearly. Writing can help us uncover truth, not just in the lives of our characters but in ours as well.

5. We wrap up talking about writer life – newsletters, getting published, building community, all that great stuff!

I’ll leave you with a quote

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And Happy Writing, Friends!


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