How LegendFiction is helping you publishing your novels!

How LegendFiction is helping you publishing your novels!

May 10, 2023 | Articles, Latest

Almost everyone who joins LegendFiction has a plan to publish their books and share them with the world. There are generally three paths for a novelist to get published:

  • you do it yourself
  • you find a literary agent
  • you pitch a publisher.

As of this post, the LegendFiction team is too small to start our own publishing imprint (but we sure do like the idea!). So we’ve been working on friendships with Catholic publishers, so that we can refer you to them!

Naturally, you’ll want to do your own research for the right kind of publisher. But if that begins to feel like a whole lot of thinking, then give Anjanette Barr a call.

Literary Agents: Anjanette Barr, your fiction superfan

Looking for: Faith-inspired science fiction and fantasy for all ages

Anjanette Barr is a literary agent with Dunham Literary. She’s also known around the internet, including on YouTube, as The Book Barrista. Our LegendFiction community is encouraged to reach out to her if you want an agent’s services, and include ‘LegendFiction’ in your subject line! Watch this video to learn about Anjanette’s preferred specialties in representing fiction authors. Visit her Website

Publishing Friends

As of now, LegendFiction has two special partners that we love to work with:

Chrism Press

Looking for: Compelling, faith-inspired fantasy and science fiction, and more

Anchored in the theme of faith-inspired fiction, Chrism Press publishes content for Catholic and Orthodox authors. Managing Editor, Marisa Stokley, is Chrism’s front line for authors getting published. A key reason why authors get picked up is their ability to nurture a relationship with their fans – however simple or complex. Modern readers expect and anticipate contact with their favorite authors. Find out why relationships are the key to successful books.

Pauline Books & Media

Looking for: Confidently Catholic Children & Teen content

Sr. Grace and Sr. Allison are editors at Pauline Books & Media, the Catholic publishing house run by the Daughters of St. Paul. They share the advantages of traditional publishing and give some tips on how to share your book with a publisher. Their publishing house’s submissions guidelines can be downloaded at:

We would love to make more friends with Orthodox publishers. If you can introduce us, please do!

Fiat Self-Publishing Academy

Looking for: Primarily non-fiction authors looking to learn self-publishing and marketing

Our friends over at Fiat Self-Publishing Academy have launched the Fiat Self-Publishing Academy. The Academy will teach authors how to self-publish good, true, and beautiful books through the lens of the Catholic faith. Join FIAT Academy (Affiliate link! Your membership supports LegendFiction) Learn more

The LegendFiction team would love to grow this list! Each of these publishers are truly amazing people, and they’re stoked to learn more about your fiction.

Drop your questions in the comments below! Can’t wait to hear from you.


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