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How a nun writes a time-travelling novels through the life of Jesus with Sr Maria Dateno, FSP

How a nun writes a time-travelling novels through the life of Jesus with Sr Maria Dateno, FSP

May 20, 2022 | Latest

Sr Maria Grace Dateno loves Lord of the Rings, and being a media missionary nun! Inspired by ‘The Magic Treehouse’, she powered through her own series of children’s novels to explore the time and life of Christ. She joins us to talk about writing for children, her upcoming series, and her experience and bugbears around editing! Plus, why she loves traditional publishing.

Sr. Maria Grace Dateno, a member of the Daughters of St. Paul, loves to read, write, and edits books for kids!

BOOKS: https://paulinestore.com/books/meet-our-authors/sr-maria-grace-dateno-fsp.html
Website: https://pauline.org
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sistermariagrace

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00:00 Why Sister is a hobbit
01:30 Welcome
01:53 Sr Maria’s origin story
08:13 About the Gospel Time Trekkers
13:02 Research and editing for kids books
20:35 Where do people get lost in starting
23:40 Creating multiple characters
26:20 About Catholic Author
27:00 Sr’s writing process
30:00 Why Sr likes plotting ahead of time
32:13 A tip for opening a book & managing danger
35:20 How to get in touch with Sr
37:10 Why traditional publishing is awesome
39:07 Sr’s one minute message to authors

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