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Welcome, families!

Families may have several children (and parents!) who want to join our LegendFiction community. So Catholic Homeschool Online has partnered with us to bring you a special plan.

Our Family Household plan brings you a single yearly fee for any number of members! (Immediate family, of course.)

It’s our way to support you and your creative journey, help you build your writing portfolio, give and get feedback in a friendly, supportive environment, and even start get published!

Catholic Author

“Finally aspiring Catholic teen writers have a place to demonstrate their beautiful gifts, dreams, and creativity that swells in their hearts. Hearts that are longing for sharing their God-given talents. It is certain that the world will be better for the gift of their stories.”

Paola Ciskanik

In using this Family plan, you are also directly supporting CatholicHomeschool Online!

Catholic Author

Start your Family Plan

Start your $50 annual subscription, with a 3 day free trial.

You will get 1 private link to share with your family.

Every family member will need to create their own LegendFiction profiles.

An amazing place where Faith and Creativity meet. For any Catholic teen, and even non-Catholic teens, I would completely suggest this group as a source of positive feedback for stories, growing in the Faith as well as in our friendships. – Gregory W.
This group is amazing! I have met so many friends already on here. I love that this is a safe space to share your creativity, and really connect with the people on the website, unlike most social media groups. – Ellie S.

Monta H.
When I had first come across this, I couldn’t believe it actually existed-! Here I don’t only share stories, I receive feedback, encouragement, and am making amazing friends. I’d encourage anyone and everyone to join! I feel like one of the things that makes this so priceless, is the fact that it’s a solid Catholic community! :)

Teens should join this group because it is an excellent place to meet fellow teen writers, share your work in a safe space, and receive helpful constructive criticism. – Beatrix T

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