Ghost towns, shipwrecks, space debris, & children’s stories with Elizabeth Fust

Ghost towns, shipwrecks, space debris, & children’s stories with Elizabeth Fust

Mar 24, 2022 | Latest

Elizabeth Fust started writing children’s stories early on, and entering into contests. Today, she’s loves NaNoWriMo, working with a startup to repurpose space debris, and and learning about shipwrecks, ghost towns, saints, and mountain biking in her state. She chats about her experience with illustrators, why she loves self publishing, and shares tips on how to craft stories that young children love.

Elizabeth Fust, self-published picture book author and freelance writer by night and writer for a startup aerospace company by day.

BOOK: The Hungry Kitten’s Tale
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Cause for Venerable Baraga, the Snowshoe Priest

00:00 Welcome
1:30 Meet the author
7:12 Shipwrecks & ghost towns
10:00 NaNoWriMo
11:36 Writing children’s stories
15:00 Working with an illustrator
19:40 About Bishop Baraga
22:38 How to create a children’s book
28:10 Editing from live feedback
33:40 How to get in touch with Elizabeth
34:55 A message to Catholic authors

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