Free-writing a YA novel about the Rosary & mystical experiences, with Stephanie Engelman

Free-writing a YA novel about the Rosary & mystical experiences, with Stephanie Engelman

Jun 10, 2022 | Export, Latest

Stephanie used to be Methodist and Atheist, before converting to Catholicism. Strangely, free rosaries kept showing up in her life. One day, she decided to free-write a novel, and used NaNoWriMo to get it underway. Rewriting is usually a slog, but this novel was a easy to write! Her publisher leapt at it. Stephanie’s story is proof that not all novels are treks through Mordor, but can be a breeze – perhaps! (Plus, learn about her upcoming graphic novel!)


Stephanie Engelman is a wife, mother, podcaster, and the author of A Single Bead, a Catholic young adult novel about the power of the Rosary.

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00:00 Why Stephanie is Jenny Murray?
03:00 Welcome to the Show
03:40 Stephanie’s origin story
10:35 About ‘A Single Bead’
25:48 About Catholic
26:20 Why fiction is critical
31:41 How to avoid being preachy with fiction
38:14 How to reach Stephanie online
38:45 Stephanie’s one word of encouragement to authors

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