Enter the ‘Christmas Legends’ Short Story Contest!

Enter the ‘Christmas Legends’ Short Story Contest!

Oct 19, 2022 | Contest, Latest

Welcome to the Christmas Legends contest, the 4th official contest from LegendFiction (formerly CatholicAuthor)! We’re looking for fun, creative, and unusual Christmas stories and legends, in a realm of Christmas magic. We are not looking for retellings of traditional tales.

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  • Submissions open: Oct 1
  • Deadline: Dec 10, 2022
  • Finalists: 1 teen & 1 author

Follow these prompts and theme idea:

Christmas is coming. But something is wrong. The Jingle Fells are lawless. Winter trolls, morms, and snowmen are on the move. The Gifting Deeps are silent, and the elven anvils no longer ring out with cheer. In fact, Santa has disappeared. Or has he? Reports are unsure. Santa is on the move…

Winter settles thick and fast, while two surprising heroes set out on an unlikely adventure. Has Santa’s royal sleigh seat been found? Are Christmas trees portals through the Santide Realms? And why is an owlbear looking through children’s windows, hunting for stray coal goblins?

This contest celebrates the fun and mythology of Christmas, good food, cheer, and family friending against the cold. Songs and celebration! Most importantly, Christmas culture welcomes children into life, showering them with gifts, purely about the pleasure of being alive.

The adult author and teen first place finalist wins a free copy of our Christmas issue of Pennon.

Are you in? Drop a comment with a hint of the story you plan to write in the comments below!

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