Dominic de Souza – Homeschool Success Through Creative Writing – Catholic Homeschool Week

Dominic de Souza – Homeschool Success Through Creative Writing – Catholic Homeschool Week

Oct 10, 2022 | Articles, Latest

Back in July of 2022, Catholic Homeschool Online hosted a Catholic Homeschool Week, and invited me to speak on homeschool success through creative writing.

“Parents often don’t have a plan for creative writing for their children and students. Dominic believes that it’s not an extra activity, but should be as central as math and physical activity. Children and teens who can sort and share their inner lives prove to be more successful everywhere – in business, friendships, and more. He invites parents and teens to consider the impact of encouraging and observing creativity.”

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Check out some of the wonderful feedback from parents and teens who listened:

KARA M:  I am encouraging my kids to start a journal. I think it would be helpful knowing they can express their thoughts and not have to share with anyone. This was a great reminder of how important good communication is and how creative writing plays a great role in developing better interaction with others.

Susana G: I enjoyed this video it really speaks out to me. I struggle to voice out my opinions to others afraid of how others will react. The approach of journaling dreams or just journal to write how we feel really makes sense to be able to communicate in paper how we feel and get comfortable with the idea of speaking your mind.

Jenn P: Creative writing as an avenue for helping children develop interpersonal skills is a new concept to me. I appreciate Dominic’s insight and am making a mental note to begin encouraging storytelling and – eventually – creative writing.

Jen P: Very thought-provoking talk… My aha-moment in Dominic’s talk was his explanation of how we need to nurture both our artistic and analytic sides of our brains. I previously thought creative writing was for aspiring writers or artistic-loving kids. Dominic’s explanations for how creative writing can serve a student across the board is very compelling. Thank you for opening my eyes to this!💜

Kimberly H: I had not thought of creative writing helping so much in the business world. Thank you for pointing that out and explaining it.

Dena R: I will always think of the crab and the jellyfish. We need a little bit of both to balance ourselves and keep the right side of the brain in harmony with the left side. Maybe picture a crabelly or jelrab? 😉

Mary S: From Dominic’s talk, it sounds like it might be good for me to incorporate more creativity into my own life as well as my children’s. The lobster/jellyfish visual was helpful, as was the exploration of how the creative and analytical sides are both needed to create the whole person.

Lindsay K: I appreciated the idea of how creative writing can make one more empathetic, putting oneself in the shoes of another.

Elise G: Fantastic! It definitely feels like permission to slow down and give the children room to play, explore, and create.

Erin P: I loved his insights about right and left brains. What a wonderful speaker with a true grasp on the importance of homeschooling, and the opportunity we have to shape our students’ creativity and hone in on their writing skills.

Susan C: A beautiful session about the need to slow down and express ourselves. While he may have been encouraging this for our children, I feel like God was speaking to my heart and the many problems I am facing now. I was not expecting that from a session on creative writing. Thank you.

Jeanette H: I agree that this helped me to think about how I approach teaching my children. I’ve really wanted to allow for more creativity, however, the Martha in me takes over a lot! I will have to listen to this one again! I want to have my teens listen too!

Erin B: So many insights! I like the idea of starting early with creating space for creative expression with words. My 4 year old loves to tell stories about his many travels. I’m looking forward to seeing him capture his stories in written form over the coming years as he grows.

Rose G: I love the idea that we don’t so much have to “teach” creative writing, as just give our children time and space to do what comes naturally.

Kelly W:  The many analogies and purposes listed for creative development are so helpful to take into my planner to remind myself throughout the year to guard time for creativity.

Enid O: I replayed this talk more than once… partly because of distractions… partly because there were so many gems that I needed to hear again to really let it sink in. So much wisdom here. I hear many Catholic speakers point out the busyness of our culture and how it attacks our interior life— I can see how creative writing engages that problem directly and even more so, uses it as a gift for the world. I love how He mentions the Holy Spirit… how can we really hear his promptings if we don’t reflect more and also let it out to share with others. What a moving message!

Aishwarya D: I am inspired by this talk and learnt how creativity can help a person become compassionate and develop empathy. Something I never thought about. I also can see how creativity helps foster a deeper interior life. Thanks for the wonderful talk!


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