Creating a fantasy magic system out of music! Chatting ‘Brio’ with with Chris Cross

Creating a fantasy magic system out of music! Chatting ‘Brio’ with with Chris Cross

Chris Cross loves music – so it made sense to create a fantasy world where magic is based in music! Her teen fantasy novel, ‘Brio’, is an adventure in her own thoughts about the world – as a self-described ‘Rapunzel’ and ‘Bilbo’!

Chris Cross (Christina Eberle) is a writer for FOCUS, Reform Wellness, and several other Catholic organizations and the author of the recently released teen fantasy novel, “Brio.” Website

Musicians are those who can summon the power of muses—spirits of inspiration and harmony—to create marvelous works, perform wonders, and protect others from the power of discord. Brio, the most ancient of all muses, chooses one person every generation to be his Crafter, the Musician above all others who fights to keep the wicked Dischordians at bay. But Brio hasn’t chosen a Crafter in centuries, and many Musicians doubt another will ever appear. Learn more

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