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Free workshop: How to be a Catholic Author with Dominic de Souza

A half hour workshop in partnership with Catholic Homeschool Online, with Q&A! For high school teens, 13-17. Now closed. Join the mailing list!

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Catholic Author

Rediscover your role

How to think differently about yourself and your stories.

Respect your audience

How your audience helps you define your story, and where you need to go.

Your call to author

How your creativity is a key to a journey meant for you.

Catholic Author

Are you excited to write a novel full of drama and meaning?

Help your creative novel be the best it can with fiction author and passionate Catholic, Dominic de Souza.

In this workshop, Dominic shares the insights that helped him overcome his struggle about being a ‘Catholic author,’ and start his own path as a novelist.

The secret? Fed up with feeling like an imposter – afraid of doing it wrong, shoe-horning the faith in afterwards, or watering down his story – Dominic took a step back for a decade to reflect. He learned how the faith doesn’t limit our creativity.

Now, Dominic is sharing what he’s learned, so that you can do the same: explore any topic and genre with honesty and imagination.

Whether you want to go deep into a character’s journey, enrich your worldbuilding, or uncover your Catholic inspiration, this workshop will bring confidence to your writing.

Our faith is a lifeline that lets us explore anywhere without getting lost.

Details about the Workshop


Free for anyone to join. The replay will be emailed out afterward!

Age for Entry

Recommended for ages 13+. All ages welcome!

Ask me anything

Ask your question live or ahead of time! We’ll respond to everything. 

Writing Multiple POVs: Why a POV Should be *Indispensable.* Or Not.

About CatholicAuthor

CatholicAuthor is the online community for the modern Catholic fiction writer, 17+. CatholicAuthor Teens is the private community for high schoolers, 13+! Join us each month for monthly genre challengesquarterly contests, and a regular printable journal – Pennon. Plus, we have a Creative Writing Program for teens…

It’s the most exciting way for writers new and old to share works in progress, give and get feedback, build your writing portfolio, make friends and networks, and get mentorship!

Meet your Hosts

Desk in sunlight

Dominic de Souza

A young, Catholic dad and novelist passionate about worldbuilding and Catholicism. I’m a graduate from the Writer’s Institute for Children’s Literature, self-published a children’s novel, and work as a full time marketer and graphic designer. I am married, with a small girl and a smaller corgi.

I wrote my first novel at 13, self published at 18, and finished a sequel. I’ve written scores of short stories, hundreds of articles on marketing, branding, hosted 4 podcasts/shows, and launched 2 online communities, SmartCatholics, and CatholicAuthor.

Desk in sunlight

Paola Ciskanik

I’m Paola Ciskanik, a wife and mom of 7 children, all now graduates of my very own, and very real homeschool (ages 32-21 and notice I did not say perfect!) I bring my love of my faith, marriage, family and my grateful heart! I bring to my 25 years of home education experience that is truly family-tested to the Catholic Homeschool community and events!

I also bring the vast knowledge I gained from founding and running Emmanuel Books, the trusted source for 20+ years, where I personally researched and sought the very best books/resources for families…Always through a Catholic lens, always with realistic goals in mind to bring mom inner peace! Founder of

'How to Be a Catholic Author'


How to be a Catholic Author

Helping authors write exciting novels, connect faith with fiction, and be a better Catholic!

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