Catholic Author

Welcome, Benedictine students!

Current students of Benedictine College get 1 year membership completely free.

It’s our way to support your creative journey, help you build your writing portfolio, give and get feedback in a friendly, supportive environment, and even start get published!

Many groups online don’t understand how our faith inspires our fiction. We do. And we take it to the next level: being a Catholic Author is a vocation, a path we enjoy, and also follow down twilight turns to discover the holy mystery.

Enter the group today to set up your free profile, and start your 1 year free trial.

You will be prompted to add your credit card – which you can change at any time.

“I imagine the Catholic Author community will be an incredible resource for Benedictine College students! What a great match: the support and encouragement of a community of faith-filled authors at Catholic Author awaits the involvement of our faithful, creative, literary-minded Ravens. This is the start of a beautiful relationship!”

-Megan Fassero, Associate Director of Admission and Homeschool Outreach Coordinator

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