How an architect creates supernatural fiction for modern teens, with Verity Lucia

How an architect creates supernatural fiction for modern teens, with Verity Lucia

A young mom with several children, Verity draws on her experience as an architect to craft a unique series of stories on spiritual warfare. Her main character discovers a pair of ‘magical’ aviators that reveal the presence of demons and angels everywhere. Verity is passionate about simple, authentic Catholic living and witness, especially for the disconnected and downhearted modern teen. She knows her content isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine. Because what matters is that her readers resonate, and want to enlist alongside her!

Verity Lucia is a former catechist for teens, a wife, and a mom of four. She is an architectural designer by trade but began writing to speak into the hearts of her children about the challenges of living in a broken world. What started as a way to talk with her daughter about the difficulties of being a teen has become a book series that she hopes will enhance how we teach the Catholic Faith to our youth. Website

Are demons and angels, like vampires and werewolves, merely legend and lore? Or is there more to life than meets the eye? After the unexpected loss of her older brother, high schooler Clare Thomson must confront a reality that will both shake and secure her world — we are all in a spiritual battle. And it’s a war for our souls. This is Clare’s Story. Book 1 of the HIDDEN Series (A Spiritual Warfare Novel for Teens)

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