Announcing: the new LegendFiction community

Announcing: the new LegendFiction community

Sep 13, 2022 | Announcements, Latest

After a year of growth, our own community is finally here! Till now, Authors and Teens have been working away in their own groups. Starting now, we’re bringing everyone together, and unlocking a whole lot of fun and fiction!

We are  using the same platform you know and love. Most importantly, the spirit of CatholicAuthor lives on, and remains unchanged. It’s just a name change.

LegendFiction will forever be focused on faithful Catholic and Orthodox creatives. We’re committed to creating a culture of kindness and creativity, centered on the Faith we celebrate and share. Together, we’re exploring fantasy, sci fi, historical fiction, and more. You can continue to give and get feedback, share your works in progress, and grow your writing network!

  • “What about contests?” Contests and writing quests will continue as normal. We will announce them here on the blog, host them in Worlds, and you can chat about them privately within the community.
  • “Will we have weekly meetups?” Yes, those are already scheduled up, and we’re adding more – because our mentors want to host more with you! And you can add your own any time.
  • “What about the free course – How to be a Catholic Author?” This course is the manifesto for our work. We will keep it live in in SmartCatholics, so that you can refer to it at any time. (SmartCatholics is building a home for free, online courses for Catholics everywhere, so it makes sense to keep it there.)

If you’re on the mailing list, you’ll get the notifications!

Deadline for entering the new group: October 1.

Select your plan, and head on in!


The Migration

Over the next 2 weeks, we will be as helpful as possible to make things easy for everyone. We will close the subscriptions for the current CatholicAuthor groups, so that you will not be charged any  more. You will then need to select a new LegendFiction plan in the new community.

By the end of September, the current Author and Teen groups will be closed.

Make sure you copy anything important out of the group that you posted there! (But seriously… you should have your own backups!) You can message me (Dominic) any time, or over email, with questions on how to cancel your membership to the old CatholicAuthor groups. (Still under some construction on the inside, so mind the wet paint!)

Very soon, this website will be updated, and everything will point to the new community.

Keep reading for updates on what’s new!

New Payment plans

When you select your membership plan, you can choose one of 3 options: monthly, annual, and lifetime. These fees are intentionally affordable for writers everywhere. They help us stay troll free, allow us to pay for equipment, and invest right back into our own community. Upgrade your plan any time.

Psst: the annual plan saves you 50% each year, which is a steal.

New groups

Based on what you’re used to, we now have a ton of new groups! And, any member can now ask for a private group for themselves and selection of their writing friends – like a special fandom, or a deep writers group!

All these groups are free to all members to join! No extra fees.

New Mentors

We have 3 fresh, minty, and freshly-minted Mentors excited to support you and your writing journey. In the coming months, they offer their services, workshops, and consulting – for a fee of course.

As passionate writers and practicing Catholics, they join me (Dominic) to do more than just edit. They also provide guidance and recommendations for how we express our Faith in our work. We are firmly grounded in the guidance of our Holy Father, Pope Francis, and see ourselves as modern Catholics living out the themes and demands of the world today.

Hello to professional development and amazing editing! Look forward to interviews with them coming soon!

Concept Art

As part of our new community, we’re exploring fun ways to help inspire creativity. Some of our members are learning how to create AI art, and others are hand-crafted illustrators! This means that we’re building a library of inspiring images and artwork that you can use. When you want, you can send an artist some money so that they’ll create custom art for your writing project!

More news and updates will continue to roll out, so come on over and join us!

I’m excited to see you in there.

Select your plan, and head on in!



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