Announcing: The LegendMakers Academy for Helping Authors become Legends

Announcing: The LegendMakers Academy for Helping Authors become Legends

Mar 8, 2023 | Academy, Announcements, Latest

If the LegendFiction community is Hogsmeade, then the LegendMakers Academy is Hogwarts. Our team of mentors have been hard at work collaborating on building a years worth of classes for aspiring and veteran writers everywhere.

Anyone can join. Pick and choose your classes. Befriend a mentor. Deepen your craft. All online!

Plus… members of our private LegendFiction community get pretty epic discounts to these workshops.

Consider this your owl-winged invitation, legends, from our epic, crabby, know-it-all owl Owlkien:

We are pleased to invite you to join the exclusive LegendMakers Academy!

We believe that everyone has a story to tell, and we’re here to help you bring it to life.

As you step into our online classes, you’ll find a team of experienced writers, editors, and teachers ready to guide you through the secrets of great fiction. Our one-off events and workshop classes can teach you the essentials of storytelling, from crafting compelling characters to building vivid worlds.

Learn to harness the power of words and create something truly magical. Master the art of weaving plots and evoking powerful emotions in your readers.

But beware, dear author, for the journey ahead will not be easy. You will face challenges and obstacles, and dragons. But fear not, for your mentors divide their time between their families, their own writing projects, and our LegendFiction community.

Are you ready to unlock your true potential as a fiction writer? If so, accept this invitation to join the LegendMakers Academy.

Together, let’s make legends.

Our first upcoming events:

Who are these classes for?

They are especially crafted for authors who want to level up their legendmaking, get help and feedback on their works-in-progress, and find supportive advice to be better authors. Anyone and everyone is welcome, anywhere in the world.

Since this Academy is a LegendFiction project, members of our community save usually between 50% to 75%.

How do I rsvp?

We will post more details, registration links, and feedback forms for each of these events very soon. Join this email list for these updates.

How much do classes cost?

They average from $5 to $25.

How does a class work?

The mentor will workshop 30-45 minutes of theory and practical advice, and then open the floor to conversation and questions. These workshops are not recorded, to ensure your privacy. These events are all hosted online.

Who are the mentors?

Our mentors are a team of graduates and professional writers who love to create, and help other creators. Some are published authors, and some are accredited novel coaches. Meet the mentors here!

Ask your questions below in the comments!


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