Announcing: Quests for LegendFiction

Announcing: Quests for LegendFiction

Jul 25, 2022 | Announcements, Latest

In the last 6 months, LegendFiction has hosted several exciting and successful short story contests. We invited teens and authors to submit their creativity for review and publication.

Out of this amazing stream of entries, we launched a website dedicated to helping authors get published, get feedback, and get discovered. It’s called Worlds.

Now, we’re opening up a new opportunity: Quests.

A Quest is like a like short story contest. It can be open-ended and ongoing. It’s a way to feature special prompts and inspire authors to get creative.

Quests are simple: suggest a theme, perhaps an opening phrase, or a required word use. Include a first story, or a first paragraph.

For the time being, only mentors and partners can start a Quest. They can start as many as they like.

If they choose to partner with LegendFiction, we can turn them into a print-on-demand magazine, as crisp and beautiful as Pennon, our quarterly Journal.

Partners get extra space and support. As an organization, ministry, or college, your logo, link, and endorsement is published on the Quest page. You get to write a welcome letter, and reserve the entirety of the printable Quest publication for your brand.

We believe that creativity should be rewarded with time, attention, and money – whenever possible! That’s why our LegendFiction mentors invest personal time in reading every submission, and giving feedback.

We publish quality entries to share them with our growing LegendFiction readership.

And we encourage Quest partners to offer prizes to the best story submitted.

For our writers, all Quest entries must follow the same rules and parameters set for all our contests.

We look forward to your Quests, and creativity!

Ask us today about hosting your own Quest for our community.


  1. Avatar

    Don’t quite understand what the Quest Legend is exactly. i know what a prompt is. Also is this mostly for teens? I will check out your Catholic Author site. I have written one novel & like other writers I am trying to find a way of publishing. Also have a blog, have written a number of short stories, poems etc. I am a senior citizen (not my favorite description of myself.)

    • Dominic de Souza

      Thanks for stopping by, Darlene :) We will announce Quests over on LegendFiction soon, which will help. Teens or authors can join. You’re welcome to create a profile and share a story with us on :)

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