Announcing: LegendFiction! Our new home online for stories

Announcing: LegendFiction! Our new home online for stories

May 10, 2022 | Announcements, Latest

When CatholicAuthor launched, it started as a humble (ish) community for authors. And then suddenly it grew to include teens, and contests, and a journal.

In our first few months, our mentor and staff team were kept happily scrambling to keep up. Writing rules, figuring out our first year of activity together, crafting a Writing Course (pending!), launching our ‘Catholic Author Show’ podcast, and launching our printable journal, Pennon.

But the core part of the magic that everyone wants? To read, discover, and write stories. 

So the ‘journal’ became a website, where authors could post their stories, and build writing portfolio.

But then… it got bigger. More authors joined. Artists created profiles. Contests entered.

And we realized that the ‘journal’ was more. Much more. In fact, it was a gateway to discover all the worlds and imaginations of our authors.

Visit LegendFiction

So today, the journal takes on a life of its own. It is now ‘LegendFiction’, a home online for any Catholic fiction writer who enjoys our approach, and wants to share their work.

  • Create: Share your unique voice and original stories on LegendFiction, a home for fiction by Catholic authors.
  • Explore: Build your world of fans, friends, and readers. Connect with other like-minded writers through storytelling.
  • Grow: Join contests, quests, and sign up for the CatholicAuthor community for mentors, resources, and friendship!

At some point, every author – veteran or new voice – wants to reach more readers. To get feedback, friends, and fans.

LegendFiction has a dream to be the Catholic-fueled website for imaginative storytelling. From what we know so far, there’s nothing like it online.

And there should be!

So here’s how it works.

Join as Authors

Authors can create an ‘author’ post, to highlight your bio, a welcome video, your social links, and even invite people to send you donations.

The ‘verified’ checkmark identifies who is a member of our teen or author community, vs a free LegendFiction member.

Publish your stories

Authors can create stories, either original, or previously published. Stories come with big, beautiful header areas for inspiring,  mood-setting photos. Stories can be series, excerpts from your books, with a link to your book post.

Promote your books

Authors can promote their book – published, self-published, or upcoming!


Every story, author, or book, has a comments area – locked down for members (to nix spam!). Ask for feedback, reviews, or inspiration!

Your readers can also leave a 5-star votes, to nominate popularity.


Each quarter, we announce a new contest. You can see which ones are current, past, and (soon!) upcoming. Create your story and submit it through your profile anytime before the deadline.

What’s next?

Our #1 mission is to create a thrilling and ludicrously fun environment to inspire writing fiction.

Part of that magic is making it easy to reach new readers, get feedback, and get published.

That’s why we’re launching a new feature – Quests. They are like open-ended contests, on any theme. CatholicAuthor mentors and podcast guests will be announcing them. Community members can request and vote on them. Once a certain number of excellent stories are reached, they will be gathered up and published in stunning print form – available for you to buy your own copy. Coming soon!

Plus, we’re launching a new podcast on the craft of writing… and more ideas down the line…

What are your ideas? What do you think about all this? We’d love to know! Drop a comment here!

And as always, keep writing!


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