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Announcing: CatholicAuthor Teen! The community for high school fiction writers

Announcing: CatholicAuthor Teen! The community for high school fiction writers

Jan 5, 2022 | Announcements, Latest

Modern Catholic teen authors are excited to make new friends, write fun fiction in many genres, and improve their skills. CatholicAuthor is the creative community for us to get better at writing, share feedback, and network with other teens.

Catholic teens from any schooling background are welcome to join!

Most Catholic teens don’t have a supportive community anchored in a common faith. CatholicAuthor Teens is your space where teens can give and get feedback, join in the monthly genre challenges, participate in the quarterly contests, and compete to get published in our quarterly journal!

It’s more than a fun, healthy environment. It’s a way to discover your interests, broaden your experience, and enjoy the journey of writing together.

This teen community is partnered with CatholicHomeschool.online – Reimagining education so children feel a sense of success by discovering their strengths, and passions to serve the world!

We built CatholicAuthor for teens like you

Writing is a daily passion. And so is our faith! Teen authors need to make friends with other writers, share experiences, and encourage each other to keep going.

But growing up as a homeschool teen, we’ve seen hundreds of teens struggle to share their work, get feedback, and improve their skills. Mostly because we live far apart from each other. And many of us don’t want to be on Facebook, or dealing with moral conflicts on secular forums.

So, we launched CatholicAuthor Teen: a community to help ordinary, faithful Catholic teen writers come together, share works in progress, and grow in faith and fiction.

After your schoolwork… we want to be your 2nd favorite daily tab!

Welcome home. Welcome to the future. Welcome, Catholic teen.

“We’re so excited to bring Catholic teens this creative outlet, and to support your creative journey as Catholic authors. Nothing is more important than finding your voice and answering God’s call for your life!” Paola Ciskanik, Founder of CatholicHomeschoolOnline

Founder of LegendFiction. Geeks over epics, mystics, science, the angelic, & Netflix. Got an idea for a guest post? Send me a note! | Visit my website


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