Announcing: A family plan for homes with multiple members!

Announcing: A family plan for homes with multiple members!

Sep 19, 2022 | Announcements, Latest

To all the families out there with a crop of young creatives around the dinner table, we have a special offer for you.

Families with several children (and parents!) who want to join our LegendFiction community now can – for a single flat fee.

Our wonderful friends at Catholic Homeschool Online have partnered with us. When you visit their store, you can lock in a single fee of $50 per year, for any number of family members.

Check out this plan

  • No monthly fees. No per-person subscriptions. Just one fee.
  • You will get a link that you can email to your young legendmakers. Or your spouse.
  • Each of them will create their own profile.

And then they can join us inside the private community where teens and authors gather daily. Almost hourly, in fact.

(Reserved for immediate family, of course.) In using this Family plan, you are also directly supporting CatholicHomeschool Online!

It’s our way to support you and your creative journey, help you build your writing portfolio, give and get feedback in a friendly, supportive environment, and even start get published!

What is LegendFiction?

In 2021, we launched as a community called CatholicAuthor, a home online to help teens and authors meet up and share their works of fiction, fantasy, and creative writing. But the name continued to cause confusion – people thought we also helped with essay writing.

So we rebranded to a clearer name, LegendFiction, to more accurately reflect the level of creativity and fun we have:

  • Authors anywhere can share their stories for free on Worlds, our short story publishing website.
  • Authors can join in creative writing contests each quarter to win prizes and publication in Pennon, our journal.
  • Authors can meet up with each other, chat, share resources, and get feedback in our private community.
  • Professional mentors (practicing Catholics with literature degrees) shadow the community to share tips and insights.

We are all faithful Catholics and Orthodox creators, who believe that our craft must be faith-inspired. We help writers enjoy the journey together, and tell the stories that excite them. Our faith is not a straitjacket on our creativity, but a lifeline.

Modern readers (Catholic and non-religious alike) all enjoy and hunger for well-told stories, stories that resonate with the themes and topics and pressures of our world today. Learn more on our About page.

“Finally aspiring Catholic teen writers have a place to demonstrate their beautiful gifts, dreams, and creativity that swells in their hearts. Hearts that are longing for sharing their God-given talents. It is certain that the world will be better for the gift of their stories.”
Paola Ciskanik |

Check out this plan

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